How to Protect Your Data in a Zombie Apocalypse (infographic)

How to Protect Your Data in a Zombie Apocalypse (infographic)

A zombie roams in search of brains. But as you try to protect yourself, don’t forget to protect your corporate data too!

All you see in movies or read online is how to fight off zombies or escape them. But in devising your Zombie Preparedness policy be sure to worry about the potential risk of losing all the knowledge and documentation of human progress!

What if we can’t get back KFC or Bush’s beans secret recipe or Coke’s formula? Then there’s all the treatments and vaccines that have been created by the pharmaceutical giants… and all the newsletter unsubscribes to we’ve successfully subscribed! Mankind is doomed to repeat itself!

Let’s get efficient; let’s be preemptive. Check out how to protect your most valuable data during a zombie apocalypse.

Ellis Luk

Ellis comes from a social media and copywriting background. She has experience growing and developing social marketing efforts with an H2H (human-to-human) approach. At Druva, she runs all things social in collaboration with events, content, PR, AR, and customer advocacy. Prior to Druva, she led the social and content efforts at Totango.


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