Protect data without compromising business agility

Every day, your business generates data that is spread across remote offices and employees, smart devices, SaaS applications, as well as data centers. The challenge you face is protecting all of this data without impacting business agility and productivity while ensuring that adverse circumstances don’t affect business continuity.

If you rely on traditional on-premises solutions, your IT team needs to forecast and manually provision hardware appliances at each location. Provisioning usually comes down to a decision to over or under-provision each site — a decision that can result in higher costs, low utilization rates, or backup failure due to insufficient storage capacity.

Watch this video to learn how Druva can solve these challenges.

How Druva simplifies data protection

Druva, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), radically simplifies data protection across distributed environments without any hardware. It reduces your data center footprint, energy costs, and eliminates any over/under provisioning dilemma, delivering savings up to 50 percent.

Delivered as-a-service, Druva backs up a broad set of workloads spanning hybrid-cloud data centers; VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, NAS file shares, mobile and endpoint devices, SaaS applications, as well as AWS workloads. Data is centralized into a single data lake that accelerates backups, restores, and reduces the effort required to set up and manage advanced functions such as disaster recovery (DR), ransomware, privacy, and compliance.

Global source deduplication delivers network and storage savings by identifying and storing only unique data blocks allowing backups to run faster and absorb fewer resources. As a result, most customers find they can meet recovery point objectives as quickly as 1 hour.

Some management teams see the cloud as one step closer to malicious actors. Druva immunizes backups by storing data as object blocks in immutable backups that cannot be modified or deleted.  Data in flight is protected using industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS). Upon arrival, it is immediately encrypted using AES-256-bit encryption with a key that is unique to and completely controlled by customers. This key is session-only, based on digital envelope encryption, and prevents any customer’s key from being stored unencrypted, transferred, or accessible from outside any user’s active cloud session.

Global source deduplication adds an additional layer of security as unique data blocks are stored without any identifying metadata and isolation of reference data and source metadata into separate object-based NoSQL databases. The result is data that is sharded, scrambled, and stored in a manner that makes it impossible for anyone to decrypt and reassemble the information without authenticated customer credentials.

What’s next

With Druva, your data is being managed in the safest place: the cloud.  Using zero infrastructure and a single management interface, you save time with radical simplicity that allows you to extract intelligence from a single trusted source that turns your data into a business asset.

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