Proof of the Pudding – New Benchmarks for Endpoint Data Protection

Everyone tries to lay claim to being the “fastest,” “biggest,” “strongest,” “most secure,” “the best,” or “industry leading.” Very often these are marketing gimmicks, something in the messaging to entice potential prospects. Marketing has changed a lot over the years; it’s become more of a combo of art and science, but some of the fluff is still there. Without data to support it, anyone can say they’re the fastest, and no-one can dispute them until they do some testing.

At a previous company I worked at in the data protection space, the tagline was “Fastest Restore. Period.” My immediate question to that was, “How do we know? Have we benchmarked this?” At Druva, when I joined I saw that our messaging said that we saved “Over 90% in storage and bandwidth.” Pretty stellar figures I thought, but can we support them? In our own testing, these were the figures we’d seen, but I wanted more concrete evidence, so we brought in ESG to run Druva inSync through its paces in their lab.

We worked with Tony Palmer, a Senior Analyst and Lab Engineer at ESG Labs. We gave him the background to the software, what it did, how it worked, and we pointed him to the download of the enterprise version. “Great, we’ll talk to you in a few weeks then” he said, and off he went.

Tony came back a few weeks later with the lab report. The results were in. He was actually able to recreate the “90% savings” in his working lab environment. In fact, the ESG lab team were able to achieve the following results:

  • 96% savings in storage
  • Deduplication resulted in total of 38.6GB disk storage for 1TB total backup size
  • Deduplication ratio was 26:1
  • Install & deploy in less than 20 minutes
  • First backup of 5.2GB took only 12 minutes
  • Server CPU peaked at only 11%
  • RAM utilization maxed out at 140MB

Every environment is different, but in this “work-like” live environment, inSync passed the test. You always want to be able to back up your numbers, and now we can. We always say at Druva “The proof is in the pudding.” So we encourage people to download inSync, try it, play with it in your environment and see how it works. You really won’t know until you try it.

As the needs of a mobile workforce continue to evolve, enterprises now need endpoint data protection on their devices, anytime, anywhere. Watch the video below to learn how Druva solves this challenge with an integrated solution combining endpoint data protection and remote backup, data loss prevention, secure file sharing, governance, and analytics.