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The Evolution of Server Backup (infographic)

When you think server backup you visualize tapes being carted off to vaults by the truckload. Accessing hot, warm or cold data was a trying feat: how long would it take? How many Zettabytes would you have to sort through to find what you need? Introducing Phoenix, a unified solution for cloud backup and archiving, to bring your data back from the ashes.

Today’s companies store more than 50% of their data at remote sites. The methods which they employ for backing up those remote servers are becoming less reliable. For example, 75% of organizations have experienced tape failure in the past year, and an average of 20% of tape backup/restore jobs fail. The growing trends in data volumes and shrinking budgets and resources are only making this worse.

Fortunately, there is a better place for your server backup: the cloud. The infographic below explains why: