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Oops, I Lost My Laptop!

According to the recent study by Ponemon Institute, “Airport Insecurity: The Case of Lost Laptops,” sponsored by Dell, business travellers lose more than 12,000 laptops per week in U.S. airports.

According to the same study, which examined losses at 106 of the U.S.’s largest airports, the top 36 “Class B” airports averaged 286 lost laptops per month, which is about one laptop lost every 2.6 hours at these airports. The study also found that only 66% of the lost laptops were never recovered and about a third of those recovered were reclaimed.

Enterprise data is more dispersed and diverse than ever. And with over 30% corporate data sitting on PCs, administrators can no longer hold the end user responsible for protection of this critical corporate data.

The the above statistics clearly states the need for the following two solution on every single corporate PC:

  • Data Protection Solution: Designed for laptops, keeping in mind the mobile workforce
  • Disk Encryption and Data Leakage Prevention Solution

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