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On-the-move Backups

Some vitals stats I could gather from google/IDG/Gartner around –

  1. Almost 200M employees work remotely (off their desk)
  2. Close to 637K laptops are lost on US airports annually
  3. 65% of users don’t do a backup before they start the travel
  4. 90% of users don’t backup while on the move

In the last 6 weeks I (personally) have heard same statement from at least 8 VPs or CXOs – “I lost my data/notebook during last travel at …” – and none of them had a backup 🙂 If I have to summarize, the top three reasons I heard from these guys:

  1. My backup software dosen’t work over WAN
  2. I had limited bandwidth connectivity
  3. I hate backups – they slow down my PC and work

The case for Druvaa inSync

Well this is the exact market we are focused on. Druvaa inSync does a wonderful job of remote backups because –

  1. It offers 90% savings in time, bandwidth and storage needed for backups.
  2. WAN acceleration boosts speed over WAN
  3. Smart bandwidth prioritization sets only a percentage of bandwidth for backup
  4. Super Secure – inSync uses SSL encryption over WAN and doesn’t need a VPN for backup.

Druvaa inSync saves single copy of data duplicate between users reducing the avg. backup size to almost 90% .  (Considering the fact that corporate data is almost 80% duplicate between users). Yup, it’s truly unique and one of the most selling features of inSync. Of course now these guys are taking business to me 🙂