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Nutanix and Druva: Cloud-Native Data Protection for Your Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Nutanix has led the way in hyperconverged infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage by seamlessly delivering flexible compute, virtualization, and storage technologies in a single package. IT professionals can take advantage of the improved performance, infrastructure consumption, and application mobility that these solutions bring—and focus their energy on the actual applications and services that power their business.

As organizations embrace the advantages provided by Nutanix to run their enterprise applications, IT is challenged with the ever-increasing complexity and costs of growing data volumes and legacy data protection solutions — expensive software, hardware, tapes, and process complexity. With limited budgets, unlimited data growth, tighter compliance, and data retention requirements, this problem is only getting worse. To solve this, organizations are looking for an integrated cloud-native solution for their backup, archival, and disaster recovery needs that reduces cost and complexity across multiple locations, with no additional hardware and management headaches.

Announcing the Nutanix and Druva Partnership

We’re proud to announce that Druva has joined the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Partner Program, and we’ve achieved Nutanix Ready validation for Druva Phoenix. Nutanix users can now take full advantage of Druva Phoenix’s unique cloud-first approach, with centralized data management and security to achieve lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for their data protection needs. Workloads running on Nutanix NX appliances can now be easily protected using customizable settings within a single intuitive interface.

Nutanix and Druva: Better Together

If you’re already using Nutanix, you’ve seen first hand the flexibility and simplicity that hyperconvergence brings to your environment. Enterprise application administrators enjoy improved performance and mobility, while lowering the cost and administration of their infrastructure. Nutanix further streamlines data center design by eliminating the hypervisor as a separate silo, bringing operational and management simplicity and improved economics.

Druva extends the simplicity, flexibility, and cost savings that Nutanix brings to your virtualized infrastructure by protecting these workloads through automated backup, archival, and disaster recovery.



By truly embracing the public cloud, we can provide a highly scalable, secure, and elastic service with unparalleled efficiency and lower cost. Our Phoenix solution requires zero on-premises infrastructure and is delivered as a 100% SaaS service, making it simpler to consume, manage, and implement than legacy solutions. Plus, with Druva’s unique consumption-based pricing model, you only pay for the capacity that you actually use. Druva also protects virtual machines (VMs) that are running on Nutanix at the hypervisor layer, without requiring additional plugins.

Nutanix customers can back up their virtualized workloads running on VMware vSphere, Nutanix AHV and Nutanix AFS (Acropolis File Services) and other server data directly into the Druva Cloud.  Configured Virtual Machines can also be easily spun up in the cloud for immediate disaster recovery, with a 10 minute SLA from Druva, coupled with reliable and flexible recovery point objectives (RPOs). Customers can maintain local or hot copies of their backup data for recovery and replication purposes by deploying Phoenix CloudCache, which has been certified to run as a VM on Nutanix. Druva is also certified to protect the data on Nutanix’s web-scale file-serving solution: Acropolis File Services (AFS).  

Together, Nutanix and Druva are a formidable combination. The best-in-breed solution offered by Nutanix and Druva provides full backup, recovery, governance, and data analytics for your Nutanix workloads — both dramatically simplifying and increasing the efficiency of enterprise infrastructure.

Advantages of Partnering with Druva’s Cloud-Native Technology

Nutanix and Druva combine to create an unrivaled solution that can offer true peace of mind.  Druva customers often reduce their overall TCO over legacy systems, and here’s how:

  • Cloud-scale efficiency—Druva provides Nutanix customers with a data protection platform that delivers on-demand capacity that quickly scales to meet their needs for backup, recovery, DR and archival.
  • All the benefits of a 100% SaaS deploymentDruva Phoenix provides everything you’ve come to expect from true cloud-native SaaS solutions: superior SLAs, predictable ongoing costs, and continuing innovation.
  • Transparent pricing— Druva is the only provider that passes these savings on by using a pure consumption-based pricing model, meaning customers only pay for the back-end storage they use (post deduplication), and there are no restore charges or other ‘hidden fees’.
  •  No additional hardware requirements—With Druva, data backup is in the public cloud. There’s no need to invest time and money in additional physical data backup infrastructure.
  • Workload mobility and fast recovery—Leveraging the public cloud enables customers to be more flexible with replication for Test & Dev or at-the-ready disaster recovery in multiple regions.
  • Central data governance and compliance management—Central auditability, legal data accessibility, and long-term retention automation allow for a dramatically simplified governance and compliance effort.

As a Nutanix Ready validated solution, Druva Phoenix is certified to meet Nutanix’s standards for quality and interoperability. We are excited to join the Nutanix Elevate Program, and together deliver the next generation of enterprise IT hyperconverged infrastructure with a cloud-native data protection solution to our customers.

To learn how Nutanix and Druva are working together to provide the next generation of cloud-native data protection for hyperconverged workloads, see us at our booth (S8) at the .NEXT conference or visit

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