New! Druva CloudRanger support for Amazon S3 backup, snapshot archiving and global policies

Druva CloudRanger now supports Amazon S3 backup, snapshot archiving and global policies

Druva CloudRanger has extended it’s data protection capabilities for enterprise workloads running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This latest release includes backup support for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), archiving for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots and global backup policies for managing multiple AWS accounts. With these latest additions, you can now effectively manage your most popular workloads on AWS, enable consistent storage policies across the platform, and lower costs.

Data Protection for growing AWS cloud footprints

As enterprises continue to expand their footprint on AWS, a number of teams are tasked with protecting and analyzing this ever-growing environment. Given this influx of data, a centralized approach can help teams properly manage their data, meet compliance requirements, and optimize storage. This allows you to backup two key AWS storage services – Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS – and provides the power to set global policies across accounts and workloads through a single interface. This reduces risk, and intelligently stores data across the range of available Amazon S3 storage tiers, and increases visibility across all data sets with a single comprehensive platform.

Automatically archive Amazon EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 storage tiers

Enterprises also need to retain long term backup copies of data for business continuity, compliance, customer contracts, and e-Discovery. At the same time, enterprises require low-cost storage options to retain server backup copies long term.

For storage optimization, it is an ongoing process of evaluating changes in data storage usage, and you need to choose the most cost-effective and appropriate AWS storage option for your needs. To help streamline this process, Druva’s automated, long-term retention options offers full lifecycle management of Amazon EBS snapshots.

You can now transition your Amazon EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 storage classes like Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive as part of a backup policy, significantly reducing costs by up to 50X1 while retaining availability for business continuity, compliance, customer contracts and e-Discovery.


Archive Amazon EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 storage tiers

Global backup policies for managing multiple AWS accounts

With the increase in AWS public cloud adoption among enterprises, it is becoming harder to manage data protection across multiple AWS accounts and ensure business continuity. There is a growing demand for a simplified, global approach to backup policies, where similar policies can be applied across multiple AWS accounts within the organization with rule-based options.

Our new global policies feature allows you to easily manage hundreds of AWS accounts and thousands of instances across your organizations in your AWS environment. This also includes our automated onboarding functionality which allows you to add one account, or  hundreds of accounts from your AWS environment with the same level of effort, including AWS GovCloud accounts.

With global policies, you can list user policies across multiple AWS accounts, and also apply these policies to full accounts. With our new policy selectors option, you can now include or exclude instances into your global backup policies by Instance ID, Tag, AWS Account, AWS Organization, VPC, Subnet or Region, which allows you to unify policy settings across your accounts.

Global backup policy Druva CloudRanger

Global backup policy Druva CloudRanger

Amazon S3 backup capabilities

Finally, a feature request that has been consistently asked for by a number of our customers, is the ability to backup Amazon S3 buckets to another region or account within the AWS network. Many enterprises that have compliance mandates related to corporate, regulatory or legal requirements must preserve data stored long term. Druva’s support for Amazon S3 storage tiering provides a cost-effective approach that ensures the immutability of the data, and recovery if necessary. This new functionality enables you to create a custom backup policy for your Amazon S3 buckets across regions and accounts within AWS, with include/exclude rule-based selections of Amazon S3 buckets.


Druva S3 Backup Policy Scheduler


Our new Druva CloudRanger global policy features are expected to be generally available by early April 2020. Our Amazon S3 backup and archiving EBS snapshots to S3 features are expected to be generally available in early Summer 2020. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Druva Cloudranger at any time.

1 *Based on the Amazon EBS snapshots storage pricing $0.05 per GB-month of data stored ((US East Ohio) to the Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive Storage pricing $0.00099 per GB (US East Ohio)