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MoneySuperMarket Improves Remote Workers’ Self-Sufficiency with Druva inSync

MoneySuperMarket gives its 40 million annual customers quick and easy online access to price comparisons across a variety of financial services, including mortgages and health insurance. This UK-based company needed a data protection tool that was just as intuitive and simple as their own, to enable its remote workforce to be self sufficient. IT also wanted to manage the company’s entire backup and restore process from afar.

“The Druva interface is so easy to use, so intuitive. You don’t really need to have any training to know how to use it.”– Martin Millward, desktop infrastructure engineer, MoneySuperMarket

31.01.12Moneysupermarket.com_0007Previously, the company used a legacy backup solution to protect employee laptop data. But that software was inconvenient and impractical. For example, all aspects of backups — such as client deployment and file restores — required IT to have physical access to devices. Workers couldn’t restore even a single file without involving IT. Even worse, there was no central reporting, meaning that IT would sometimes log into a device only to discover backups hadn’t completed so there was no data from which to restore.

That just wouldn’t do. The company needed software with better visibility, reliability, and usability.

In other words, MoneySuperMarket needed a modern backup solution as easy to use as the services they provide their customers. With Druva inSync they’ve streamlined the entire backup process while ensuring that data is protected. To learn more about how inSync freed IT resources and empower users to restore their own data, read the full story.

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