Mitigate ransomware attacks with cloud-based backup

In a time where businesses and employees have been forced to work remotely to sustain business continuity during a global health pandemic, organizations should also be focused on their ransomware recovery strategy. According to Statista, in 2019 there were nearly 188 million ransomware attacks carried out worldwide1.

While the number of ransomware attacks is down from 2018, the threat of ransomware is still top of mind for all industries. Let’s dive deeper into the impact of ransomware, how likely your organization is to be impacted by ransomware, and how a cloud-based backup and restore solution like Druva can reduce the impact of a successful ransomware attack.

The likeliness and the impact of a ransomware attack

According to the Aberdeen Group, more than half of all enterprises report that they’ve experienced at least one ransomware attack during the last 12 months2. In addition, of those who were attacked, most were attacked more than once. For your organization, it’s not a matter of if you will be impacted by ransomware, but rather when your organization will face a ransomware attack.

While your organization is likely to experience a ransomware attack, what is the impact of an attack, and what is the risk your organization faces if it’s not prepared? The Aberdeen Group states there are several risks your organization faces including:

  • Lost productivity and users
  • Loss or exposure of sensitive data
  • Loss of current revenue
  • Loss of future profitability

If your organization does not have a ransomware recovery strategy in place of how to mitigate ransomware attacks, the impacts of an attack can be catastrophic. For example, an organization that has 1,000 users producing 10 TB of data, the median annual business impact of ransomware is about $480K. With a cloud-based backup and restore solution, the median business impact drops to around $54K3. To reduce the risk of a ransomware attack, your organization’s data needs to be backed up and restored on-demand.

Druva’s cloud-based ransomware protection

As businesses make better-informed decisions around the threat of ransomware, deploying a cloud-based backup and restore solution can help minimize the impact of a ransomware attack.

Druva’s cloud backup and restore solution for ransomware protection covers 100% of your user base, including your remote teams. With Druva, you can provide enterprise-grade ransomware protection with automatic backups and deliver fast data restores even if your hardware is locked forever. Additionally, Druva provides continuous monitoring for any anomalies with automated alerts for modified or deleted files.

Learn more about how your organization can reduce the impact of ransomware attacks via cloud-based approaches.

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