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Meet Druva: Luigge Romanillo

For this month’s employee spotlight, we spoke with Luigge Romanillo, a recent hire at Druva. In addition to talking about his experience since joining, Luigge offered some advice on how to impress in an interview and what helped him land the job at Druva. Hopefully his tips can help you, too!

What is your new role and how long have you been at Druva now?

I’m a corporate account executive and I have been with Druva for about six months. The first four months were centered around supporting all CloudRanger customers and opportunities, however I now primarily support enterprise businesses.

As an account executive for CloudRanger, I’m in charge of handling every aspect of the sales process, which includes prospecting, providing demos and technical support, understanding customer pain points, and delivering the value proposition of the solution. I also work with other Druva teams to negotiate contracts and close deals.

My favorite part of working on CloudRanger is helping integrate the product into the Druva Cloud Platform, and conveying the value of our vision to customers, prospects, and partners. I’m excited to be in the SaaS space and can honestly say that the interest from prospects and customers is higher than anything I’ve ever experienced before.

How did you learn about Druva and what intrigued you about potentially joining the company?

Prior to Druva, I worked at Datrium, a company that focuses on Open Converged Infrastructure for the private cloud.

In looking for my next job, it was important to me to find a place where I would be excited and was passionate about the product. However, after working in the on-premise and federal space at both Pure Storage and Datrium, I could tell there was a huge push by companies to migrate to the cloud and adopt the SaaS model. A lot of my friends and mentors that have worked in sales in the tech industry recommended to transition into SaaS, Azure, GCP, or AWS.

Luckily, a friend of mine who I worked with at Pure Storage let me know about an incredible job opportunity at Druva. Using all of the advice I have learned through previous experiences and interviews, I looked more into Druva and realized it was a unique opportunity that I needed to take advantage of.

When going through the interview process, was there anything in particular you focused on to try to make yourself stand out?

After I went through the initial phone screening, I was asked to come in for an on-site presentation. I knew this was the best opportunity to demonstrate my abilities and stand out from other applicants, so I made sure to do my homework on each Druva product.

Basically, I broke it down into Druva’s three unique product lines: Druva Phoenix, Druva inSync, and Druva CloudRanger. I spent a lot of time researching Druva’s website and YouTube, and outlining each product and its overall value proposition. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be presenting on, so I wanted to be prepared on each product. Looking back, I think that’s one of the things that really made me stand out.

Closer to my interview date, I was informed that the focus would be Druva CloudRanger. I started out the presentation by showing that I did understand what Druva does, and how Druva CloudRanger fits in the larger portfolio. I felt like the easiest way to approach the presentation was through explaining the different functions and capabilities Druva CloudRanger offers. Actually, there are some great videos about Druva CloudRanger, and I took screenshots and used them as talking points for my presentation. After thoroughly explaining Druva CloudRanger feature sets, I developed a simple use case, and talked about next steps.

What are some real practical tips you would advise for future interviewees?

I would personally recommend a few different things:

  1. Do your research: Make sure to look at the Druva website and have a clear understanding of each product.
  2. Identify the vision: Be able to understand and identify what the Druva vision is and how each product works together to realize it.
  3. Capitalize on your skillset: FInd a way to show off your skill set. As an example, if you are in sales, like me, here are some questions to consider: How are you going to qualify the call? How are you going to qualify the client or prospect? How are you going to define whether or not this is a good opportunity, and lastly, how are you going to follow up to see this all the way through to a purchase order?  
  4. Be overly prepared. Although I was not required to know every detail of the products, going above and beyond to demonstrate my knowledge definitely made a lasting impression.

Those are great tips, and we are so glad you joined us! So since joining, what has been your favorite perk?

Honestly, not only being part of the Druva CloudRanger team, but also playing an integral role in the integration of it. I enjoy being at the ground level of making the product launch, and being able to see it through to success.

Thank you, Luigge for taking the time and for your recruitment tips and tricks! Find out what else is new with Druva, and make sure to check in next month for the newest member of the “Meet Druva” series!