Life At Druva

Meet Druva: Abhijit Dey, VP of Engineering

I’m thrilled to have joined the Druva team, from Veritas, at such an exciting time of the company’s growth. Druva is disrupting the data management and protection industry and evolving how businesses think about and handle their most valuable asset and IP, data. Let me dive deeper into that and why I made the jump to Druva after many years at Veritas.

Enterprises are increasingly moving to public cloud offerings like AWS. The ability to keep secondary, or backup, data in cloud storage eliminates traditional data centers and reduces operational complexity associated with legacy backup vendors. The thing is, there are many data management solutions in the market that claim to do this and be the ‘quickest’, ‘simplest’ and ‘most agile’ solution out there! Druva on the other hand does have something unique that is disrupting the legacy hardware and software data protection market as we know it. And that is its revolutionary Software-as-a-Service approach. That is HUGE for our customers.

What does that mean? The bottom line is Druva is able to reduce TCO by up to 60% because we enable customers to only pay for what they actually consume; we also dedupe all the data so customers only store what absolutely needs to be stored, again saving cost. And, because Druva is built on AWS all our customers benefit from the AWS ecosystem. Every time AWS makes a feature update or adds new capabilities, our customers automatically get the same benefits. No patch updates needed, ever. The complexity and the headache of management is completely gone. Business continuity, data governance and compliance, are all taken care of without the customer really needing to know what’s going on in the background, a much needed relief for those who care most about reducing risk within the organization.

And of course there is the excitement of what’s next. The capabilities possible with data through analytics, machine learning and IOT. Druva is continuing to innovate and build a next generation product that leans into these realms so that Druva is the customer’s data management and protection solution today, but its transformational technological partner tomorrow. I can’t wait to play my part in that journey as we continue to build our engineering team around the world.

VP, Engineering, Druva