Leveraging Druva’s file conversion service to simplify email data recovery

Druva offers a proven and reliable, 100% SaaS platform for data protection across data centers, cloud applications, and endpoints. Among Druva’s proven use cases are its cloud data protection and backup solutions for enterprise SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. Administrators or users can restore this backed up data in cases of accidental deletion or malicious ransomware attack. Phishing emails are the most common way to make an attack on a user’s email data. Druva supports the email download and restore of Microsoft Exchange Online and Gmail data, and there are multiple supported file formats, including EML, PST,  and MBOX. Customers may require a particular format for a variety of reasons. For example, backup administrators, legal, or IT may be investigating a certain legal case, or they may need these files to feed into eDiscovery tools like Exterro, Everlaw, Nextpoint, etc. 

The following table identifies the different formats and advantages of these formats (used to download email) in enterprises today.

How to convert EML to PST files with Druva

There are several tools available in the market today which enable the conversion of EML to PST files. Some of these tools are open source with limitations, while others are paid tools. These tools are able to manage the conversion process for multiple requests. However, there are challenges to scale and support functionalities if products use these conversion processes. 

Druva has solved this problem by building a new SaaS-based service and simply converts EML files to PST or MBOX. This service leverages AWS infrastructure to scale upon receiving multiple conversion requests. Read more on Exchange Online downloads here, and Gmail downloads here.

Key benefits of the conversion service 

  1. Administrators can download PST files for a user containing all contents, such as mail, contacts, calendar data, and tasks. Also, administrators can selectively create PST files from a user’s mailbox (single email or multiple emails) content as needed. 
  2. As a Druva customer, this feature will be available in enterprise and elite SKUs at no additional charge. Both PST and MBOX formats are supported in download for email applications like Exchange Online and Gmail.
  3. Druva ensures PST conversion and download processes are secure via the envelope encryption we use within our product.

Next steps

As a Druva customer, you can start using these different format options from the administrator portal, or reach out to the Druva Support team to learn more. Additionally, Druva is consistently updating our products to provide customers with the next-generation functionality to simplify your cloud-based workflows. Learn more about how we leverage applications like the PST download service, such as Pioneer, a solution for state graph workflows, in the Tech/Engineering section of the blog archive.