Launching the Smarter Backup Webinar Series

Have you ever wondered how “smart” your endpoint backup is and whether it’s the right fit for your endpoints? Have you also wondered about the common mistakes that other organizations make in selecting a backup solution and how to avoid them?

In addition, with new trends such as Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), have you also wondered about the following issues?

  • How can I embrace BYOD while enforcing policies to protect security of corporate data?
  • How can I derive rich insights into my organization’s data, e.g., who stores what on which devices and how are they accessing it?
  • How can I prevent data loss on devices that employees bring to the enterprise?
  • How can I bless an enterprise-grade solution for my employees to share files and collaborate with each other?

The good news is that I’m starting an exciting Smarter Backup Webinar series to discuss exactly these topics!

If you’re asking these right questions, please take a minute to register.

I look forward to sharing my perspective.