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Laptops are not good swimmers

As a Druva employee of course I understand backup, sync and access, and data protection to name a few. But it reminds me of the days prior to joining Druva when I never cared about my laptop backup or the importance of having it. We all take it for granted don’t we? As long as it’s non-intrusive and fully functional in the background while providing continuous data protection that’s all I ask. I refer to my inSync agent icon as my insurance policy. It’s the seal of “guaranteed” data protection.

But my days of not caring about backup recently changed. I headed off to SNW Europe in Frankfurt with my MacBook in tow – and like most of us it’s my lifeline. On the morning I was leaving Frankfurt to return to San Francisco I met our sales team for breakfast at the hotel. As we’re talking, I accidentally knocked over a glass of water. My colleagues said there was a look of horror on my face as the water moved in slow motion across my keyboard and seeped under every key. I quickly hit “send” on my draft email and proceeded to soak up as much water as I could with my napkin. I powered down just like always and took off for the airport.

14 hours later I arrived home and so did my reality. A crashed laptop, therefore no data. My laptop was replaced the day I arrived home and thanks to Druva inSync I was able to restore all my lost data instantly with secure browser-based access. I’m all about simplicity and ease-of-use. I was back up and working in no time thanks to inSync’s advanced WAN optimization. This made my boss very happy.

Lost critical data is way too common in remote workforces. Here at Druva, we hear stories every day. Someones laptop is lost, stolen or like me, ruined by a glass of spilled water. And yet data shows that only 39% of enterprise laptops are protected. It’s like driving without insurance or getting cancer and having no healthcare. Who would do that? Go figure.