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Langdale Industries achieves ransomware protection and disaster recovery with the Druva Cloud Platform

In 2020, there has been a significant rise in ransomware, with an attack now occurring every 11 seconds. Ransomware is also getting more personal. In September 2020, 235 million TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram profiles were leaked from an unsecured database. 

Not only does this demonstrate a growing attack vector – unsecured data in the cloud – but it underscores the risk that with leaked personal information, cyber criminals can phish more individuals, which can compromise devices connected to corporate networks.

With the surge in remote working brought on by COVID-19, businesses in every industry need to protect their environments because attackers are exploiting all vulnerabilities with sophisticated and costly attacks.

In today’s diverse and distributed IT environment, restoring applications and data fast in the event of a ransomware attack is a huge challenge. It’s also one of the main reasons that Langdale Industries chose the Druva Cloud Platform to secure executive endpoints as well as VMware virtual machines (VMs) and physical servers.

As a holding company and parent company of 26 subsidiary companies, Langdale Industries is a highly diversified enterprise. It’s IT group is responsible for managing, maintaining, and securing the IT environments of all of the company’s subsidiaries, so it oversees multiple data centers and networks. 

Langdale IT was keen to standardize key elements of each company’s IT environment, such as data protection, ransomware protection, and disaster recovery (DR), while allowing each subsidiary to have the flexibility to do what it needed. And, it recognized a big risk – it was not backing up endpoints.

Robert Elworthty, assistant IT director said, “Before implementing Druva to protect the endpoints of our C-suite and upper management we used external drives on-premises. When these employees traveled this exposed us to accidental deletion, ransomware, corruption and device loss or theft. We knew we needed to change our backup strategy.”

Secure, robust ransomware protection from Druva

Langdale IT did a proof of concept (PoC) with the Druva Cloud Platform saw firsthand that it delivers ransomware protection that is impenetrable to encryption or attacks. This solution enables Langdale to confidently recover data from isolated full forever backups in the cloud, so it replaced its legacy on-premises Veeam solution with Druva Phoenix for VMs and physical servers.

Additionally, Langdale IT implemented Druva inSync to protect endpoints, which provides the ransomware protection it needed. In fact, when a Windows 10 update on an endpoint took out the database of one it’s subsidiaries, Druva inSync, which was backing up that device, enabled the team to fully recover the data in about 10 minutes without any loss. Robert said this was about 60X faster than if they would have had to recreate the information. 

One-click automated DR for on-premises and cloud workloads

The Druva Cloud Platform provides Langdale IT with a standardized and flexible DR strategy across all subsidiaries. “If there’s a disaster in one of the subsidiaries’ IT environments we have multiple recovery options: we can take an image from that subsidiary and move it to another location or put it into the cloud so users can connect, or put it on a physical device at corporate and enable the subsidiary to connect via VPN or load the images on a physical device until the failed hardware is replaced and put the image back into the affected subsidiary’s network,” said Robert.

Next Steps

Read the Langdale Industries case study to learn more about how the one-stop shop it has in the Druva Cloud platform has enabled it to reduce hours per week spent managing backups dashboard by 90% and achieve a 24X global deduplication storage savings.Druva is happy to announce that Langdale Industries is one of many customers that are presenting their story at DxP, the cloud data protection summit. Register now to learn more about how Langdale Industries embraced and implemented a cloud-first data protection strategy with Druva.