Customer Stories

Kent RO enlists Druva to protect its hybrid IT environment

A key dynamic brought about in 2020 was a widespread acceleration in digital transformation. As a result, consolidating, understanding, and protecting data has become more important than ever before. Most organizations don’t move to the cloud all at once, and workloads run in both places, meaning organizations need the flexibility to protect applications and data on-premises and in the cloud.

One big data protection consideration organizations take is the protection of hybrid environments with legacy solutions — like tape — which actually increases complexity and costs. Kent RO, a pioneering company that brought reverse osmosis (RO) technology to India, was reliant on tape to back up data from 100 VMware virtual machines (VMs), while end users stored data on public drives. But the backups alone required two full-time staff to manage and rotate tapes between two locations. Plus, data recovery from the tape backups was a lengthy and inefficient process. 

Kent RO’s chief information officer (CIO) became increasingly concerned about how the company would recover if backups failed. “We calculated the cost of missing a single backup or of a single tape failing,” he said. “It was extremely serious for us, and that’s when we started looking for a way to back up our data securely in the cloud.”

8x reduction in resources required to manage backups in the cloud with Druva

Kent RO’s CIO and team migrated backups of its 100 VMs to the cloud with Druva, which means that data on these machines is now protected against data loss or corruption with backups isolated from their network.

What used to require two full-time staff now takes one person just two hours a day, which is an 8x reduction in time spent managing backups. One of the best capabilities Kent RO leverages from Druva is the proactive alerts. The CIO said that proactive alerts were even more important to them than the ability to restore the data, because his team was previously spending so much time checking if backups were successful.

And since Druva is so simple to use, the CIO doesn’t need to worry about filling highly specialized backup roles. “It used to be difficult to find qualified backup specialists,” he said. “But now, anyone on the team can use Druva, and I can spend my time recruiting for other crucial skill sets we need.”

Restore options for full, file-level, and individual virtual disk

Druva and VMware are working together to modernize both data center infrastructure and data protection to allow organizations, like Kent RO, to thrive in today’s hybrid cloud environments. To keep pace with escalating business demands, VMware delivers a virtualized, software-defined, and automated operating model for infrastructure and application delivery known as the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Druva provides centralized, SaaS-based data protection and management to reduce data protection costs by up to 50 percent.

In fact, Druva was the first SaaS solution certified for VMware vSAN and VMware Cloud on AWS. Druva enables multiple restore options for VMs — full, file-level, and individual virtual disk, which helps organizations meet data locality compliance by protecting, recovering, and archiving in any Amazon Web Services (AWS) region.

Improved compliance and security wherever data lives

With Druva, Kent RO is leveraging direct-to-cloud backup and integrated long-term data retention to simplify compliance, while data isolation and ransomware recovery enhance security.

Direct-to-cloud backup with Druva requires no infrastructure. Druva enables customers to deploy and scale on-demand without sacrificing local recovery, as well as improve resiliency and data availability by storing it in the Druva cloud. Additionally, businesses can eliminate infrastructure, support, training, and overhead costs.

What’s next?

As organizations like Kent RO run hybrid workloads in the cloud, they experience the transformative potential of less infrastructure management. Read the Kent RO case study to learn about how Druva offers Data Protection-as-a-Service, and facilitates improved business resilience with cloud disaster recovery (DR) for the fast failover/failback of VMs.