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Introducing The Blackbird Storage Engine

Today inSync team released the first internal alpha build of all new blackbird engine, which is going to be featured in inSync v4.0

And what I saw totally changed my perception of  “fast” and “small”. Forever.

If you have missed my earlier posts, Blackbird (name inspired from the SR71-Blackbird) is a new storage engine for inSync and Phoenix which will introduce Invent “Application Aware Data Deduplication” and get rid of any dependency on a SQL database.

Getting rid of SQL database shrinks the Blackbird core to only about 2 MB against current 32MB. It also avoids the overhead of TCP connects to SQL DB and SQL query optimizer, making it blazingly fast and light weight.

Application aware deduplication makes sure data deduplication happens at the logical level. For example, rather than treating a PST file like a stream of blocks, we would understand and deduplicate message by message. This guarantee faster processing and 100% deduplication accuracy.

Quickly highlighting the features from today’s presentation –

  1. Fast – Amazing speed.
  2. Light-weight – Multi-threaded. No SQL Database.
  3. Scalable – High level of fault tolerance against data corruptions in the store.
  4. Small – InSync v4.0 will probably shrink to just 12MB !!
  5. Simple – No DB required for installation !

The public beta for InSync v4.0 is expected by end of April. I am extremely eager to showcase this engineering marvel.

Will follow with more posts and some screenshots !