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inSync Now Supports Mac OS X Lion

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that Apple recently launched Mac OS X Lion. Hot on the heels of this release, Druva just released support for Lion with inSync 4.2.1.

One of the best things about startups is your ability to be nimble. Our Engineering team continues to march on and turn things around at a rapid rate, with on average a new release every 2 months, which includes new features, platform support and fixes. We regularly solicit feedback from our customers, either directly, through our Druva community or through support while moving forward with our roadmap.

You can download the latest inSync releases from here. Definitely excited for the next release of inSync, 4.2.2 which is due in a few days, while 4.3 is planned for October with more enhancements which we’re keeping under wraps right now, but stay tuned 🙂