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inSync Private Cloud Offers Best of Both Worlds

If you’re a large enterprise looking to choose between an on-premise and a cloud deployment, your list of considerations is likely to include:

  • Your organizational culture;
  • Your IT strategy and existing resources & investments in server/storage infrastructure;
  • Existing corporate policies and regulatory controls;
  • Your comfort with SaaS, especially related to legal, privacy, and compliance aspects.

You like the cloud because of its obvious advantages like on-demand scalability, elastic architecture, zero hardware and software maintenance, etc. But, it’s possible that you feel on-premise deployment is still the best fit for you – very likely driven by your perceived legal, privacy, security, performance, and control issues with your data residing outside your firewall. You really wish you had the best of both worlds! We have great news! With inSync Private Cloud, you now get the best of both worlds: on-premise deployment with all the benefits of the elastic cloud. Already in production in many of our large customer deployments, inSync Private Cloud provides you all these capabilities at a very low total cost of ownership:

  • Linearly scalable architecture with a single “cloud” master and distributed storage nodes
  • Storage capacity on demand. Just add a new storage node in any region
  • A single administrative console to manage users, policies, and storages across nodes
  • A managed services option for Druva-managed deployment and ongoing management

Stay tuned for an upcoming Webinar on the private cloud or just contact us to try it out.