How Druva delivers proven, end-to-end Salesforce data protection

Salesforce and other leading SaaS applications store massive amounts of business-critical data in the cloud. However, while many customers assume their data is protected by these cloud vendors, often only the cloud infrastructure is protected. The responsibility for the administration and management of customer data falls squarely on the customer’s own IT department. Due to these challenges, customers are turning to cloud-based, third-party data protection and management solutions, such as Druva, to address these critical Salesforce data protection gaps. 

Complete Salesforce data protection and backup with Druva

Leveraging the cloud to provide a comprehensive approach to Salesforce backup and protection, Druva provides a 100% SaaS solution to enable reliable, automated daily backups of data and metadata, with a quick recovery from secure air-gapped storage to prevent data loss. Backups are kept encrypted in Amazon S3 storage. This provides an “air-gap” from the local network and makes the data resistant to threats — both internal and external. As a result, Druva offers customers the following key benefits:

  • Recovery: Restoration of “anything or everything,” with individual- or query-based record selection to a backup image from any point. 
  • Sandbox seeding: Creation of high-quality datasets for Salesforce sandbox seeding, leveraging simplified templates for management. This copies reliable data to accelerate development, optimize testing, populate sandboxes faster, and simplify bulk production updates or data migrations.
  • Compliance: Sandboxes for development, test, and quality assurance teams leverage GDPR functionality to fulfill right to be forgotten, change, and export compliance, as well as handle review of subject access requests.
  • Backup and resource visibility: Monitoring of backup history, duration, and data success rates ensure recoverability. Salesforce data limits, file limits, and API calls prevent interruptions in Salesforce operation.

ESG’s findings on Druva’s Salesforce data protection solution

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently performed a detailed evaluation of Druva’s solution for Salesforce data management — participating in a solution briefing and in-depth demo hosted by Druva. The session focused on highlighting Druva’s data protection and copy management capabilities, including sandboxing with data translation, data masking, and GDPR compliance functionality.

ESG started the evaluation process by exploring Druva’s data protection. They found the backup configurations detailed and highly customizable — including items such as object and field exclude lists, alerts and notifications, permissions, and metadata selection. If a Salesforce environment becomes compromised or inaccessible, all data is easily accessible from the Druva cloud for complete recovery. Next, ESG explored the solution’s data copy capabilities. This functionality enables the discovery, sorting, and arranging of Salesforce data, and can seed sandboxes or update production data.

Following the evaluation, ESG found that Druva offers an extensive set of features and capabilities customers can leverage to manage and automate their many Salesforce data protection and management tasks. They were also impressed with the air-gapped protection and storage provided by Druva’s cloud architecture for enhanced disaster recovery, and concluded by deeming Druva a valuable resource in assisting customers with Salesforce management. 

Download the full ESG analyst report, Salesforce Data Protection and Sandbox Seeding with the Druva Cloud Platform, to read their full findings and learn more about Druva’s capabilities to enhance your Salesforce data protection and management.