How Druva and AWS make it easier to modernize data protection

How Druva and AWS make it easier to modernize data protection

What drives your company’s strategic plans, empowers you to confidently make decisions and is projected to grow by  61% over the next 4 years1?  Your data. This persistent growth of data is changing data protection economics compelling organizations to move both applications and data storage into the cloud. But, no matter where your data resides, the technical challenges of complying with federal and government regulations and data locality rules remain the same.

To keep pace with data’s unrelenting growth, organizations need a new approach to data protection to manage and protect data no matter where it is stored. This approach to data protection is one of the guiding principles for Druva, the first cloud-native solution that lets you manage and protect data across endpoints, data centers, SaaS apps, and cloud workloads.

Powered by AWS

Druva’s SaaS platform is layered on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to modernize data protection, allowing you to reduce your data center footprint and reduce costs.  Native integration with AWS means Druva can automatically scale Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon DynamoDB resources without any intervention from your teams. The combination of our patented source deduplication technology and the scalability of Amazon DynamoDB allows Druva to provide global, source deduplication across entire environments, regardless of the dataset size.

Storage efficiency

Druva takes a different approach to storage by leveraging Amazon S3 resources delivering a more cost-effective storage alternative over Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS). We divide each file and image into small chunks and then store each chunk as an individual object on Amazon S3. You benefit in two ways:

  • Source deduplication reduces the amount of storage you consume
  • Your business recovers data faster because recalling tens of thousands of small objects is faster than recalling a single large file

Other solutions use Amazon EBS for long-term retention of data. Druva takes storage efficiency one step further with intelligent storage tiering that moves aged data that needs to be retained into the Amazon S3 storage family delivering budget-friendly long-term data retention. In the event this data is needed, Druva provides a four-hour SLA which includes the thawing of data before restoring the backup image.

Safe and secure

Securing data spread out across multiple sources can result in a plethora of different solutions, which only increases IT complexity. Druva unifies security with the application of single policies applied globally and managed from a single management console. To keep data secure, we work with Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon CloudTrail to constantly monitor for data anomalies. Druva utilizes the strongest level of customer access, envelope encryption, which provides multi-factor authentication and guarantees only authorized users have access to your data.

Large Initial Backups

If your initial backups are in the terabyte range, taking the first step into the cloud is not easy. Druva and AWS work together to seed data into the cloud with innovative solutions such as AWS Snowball Edge. This device delivers a preconfigured AWS Snowball device containing Druva data management technology to easily transmit terabytes or petabytes to the cloud at no extra cost. Simply order the device from AWS, connect to your network and point your backup to AWS Snowball Edge. Druva’s source deduplication reduces data redundancies on the client before transmitting to AWS Snowball Edge ensuring fast transmission into the cloud. When the device is full, a shipping vendor picks up and delivers the device to AWS where your data is placed into the Druva Cloud Platform within days.


The more data grows and decentralizes, the more you need to centralize data protection by leveraging the power of the cloud. Druva and AWS make it easier than ever to modernize data protection while removing the burden of scaling, security, and management associated with legacy environments. In return, you free up IT and budgetary resources to focus on strategic projects that move your business ahead of the competition.

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1IDC, 2018