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How Druva and AWS helped national media conglomerate Katz Media Group gain confidence in the cloud

For a hardware-centric organization, it’s hard to make the case that pivoting to a cloud-first strategy is the right decision.

Let us consider that in today’s pandemic-driven world, re-focusing may be a little easier to achieve. Given the need to quickly transform corporate culture and IT infrastructure, there really is only one place to turn: the cloud.

Katz Media Group is the largest media representation company in America. It is a national media conglomerate that is a subsidiary of iHeart Media, and it represents both the on-air and online assets of more than 4,000 radio stations, 800 television stations, 5,000 audio and video streams, and 100,000 podcasts. It is also an organization that, until a few years ago, was really just starting to experiment with the cloud.

Katz Media Group’s cloud journey started with examining endpoint data protection. For its end users stationed at HQ in New York City and across the country in its 15 regional offices, Katz was using a legacy backup and recovery product to ensure all endpoints were protected. However, with end user data growing and the need for a solution which was less time-consuming and more budget friendly, the IT team at Katz took their first step toward introducing the organization to the benefits of the cloud: a software as a service (SaaS) data protection solution for endpoints. Druva’s cloud-native approach to backup, archival, compliance, and device management delivered a simpler way to manage endpoint data protection while starting to shift the gears of leadership to recognize the value of a SaaS solution.

Subsequently, endpoints were now protected with Druva’s simple yet comprehensive solution, end user backup data was secure in the cloud, and the company could now rest assured that data compliance and regulatory standards were met. Next up for IT is how to tackle Katz’s complex, multi-vendor data center backup infrastructure.

Then Katz Media Group decided to look at how it was protecting its datacenter data. It was using multiple on-premises backup technologies for its VMware infrastructure and physical servers. Managing all these platforms was forcing IT to continuously perform version upgrades, distracting from other strategic business projects. Owning all of this capital, while attractive in theory, was resulting in massive refresh costs for servers, storage, and software.

So, Katz Media Group CTO Robert Lyons made the case to his peers that the company would benefit from implementing a SaaS backup solution for their data center infrastructure – just as they had benefited from implementing the same solution for their endpoint infrastructure.

This idea – the proposal and subsequent decision – to shift from on-premises data protection to the cloud initiated a movement that would impact Katz Media Group in more ways than one.  I actually won’t be the one sharing these benefits with you in this blog – I’ll be joining Robert in an upcoming webinar hosted by AWS so he can share his experience directly with you.

He’ll tell you all about how he shifted mindsets at his organization to kickstart a journey that would digitally transform Katz Media Group’s data center, taking the initial step in a cloud-first strategy that to this day has helped the organization stay agile and efficient.

He’ll also tell you about how working with Druva’s SaaS solution has boosted employee productivity with a single platform to manage and protect endpoints, data centers, and (as they start to move business-critical applications to the cloud) AWS workloads.

I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll stop myself there. If you’d like to hear more, I do encourage you to join us on October 27th to learn how you too can shape your company’s cloud strategy to become a more nimble, elastic, and secure organization.

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