Harness the advantages of Druva and VMware Cloud on AWS

Whether large or small, the amount of data your company is storing has grown exponentially over the past two years. This could be data that contains insights to improve your customer experience and identify new business opportunities or data that makes your day-to-day business run. Either way, it needs to be protected, which can be complex and costly using legacy backup solutions. Add in compliance regulations that require longer data retention and it is easy to understand why cloud is a cost-effective alternative for data protection. Let’s take a look at how we work together with VMware to help you manage your VMware hybrid cloud data protection and compliance needs.

Challenges of the public cloud

Cloud delivers business value and cost efficiencies, but it also creates challenges that limit what existing applications can migrate into the cloud. A few of these challenges include:

  • The need to convert the virtual machine format. In the case of AWS, this means converting a virtual machine into Amazon Machine Image (AMI), which is a time consuming process. AWS Importer takes up to four hours to convert a small virtual machine.
  • Different management tools to manage and protect workloads on premise and in the cloud. Learning and becoming proficient on cloud-based management tools consumes precious IT time and resources that could be spent on innovative new solutions for your business.

VMware Cloud on AWS and Druva work together to solve these challenges. Watch this video to learn more.

VMware Cloud on AWS and Druva

Leveraging a cloud-native platform for data protection enables organizations to reduce the demands on IT teams as well are their budgets. VMware Cloud on AWS provides a consistent platform that simplifies workload migration from on premise to AWS—allowing teams to leverage existing skills, tools, and processes across on premise and cloud environments.

Druva delivers simplicity and cost efficient management and protection of hybrid cloud environments. It increases operational efficiency by allowing IT to define and manage data protection policies from a single dashboard significantly reducing time spent accessing multiple panes of glass. Integration into vCenter and VMWare Cloud on AWS allows new virtual machines to be automatically backed up as they are added to the hybrid cloud. And you can forget about four hour conversions. Druva automatically converts each virtual machine type into an AMI, then into an EBS snapshot for cost-efficient restoration of data.

Druva takes cost efficiency one step further with global deduplication across all AWS regions.

Why is this important? Imagine you have 15,000 servers in over 1,000 locations. If you are using a legacy data protection solution, picture all the hardware and software that needs to be installed and configured in each location. Protecting these environments with Druva is as simple as deploying the application, globally deduping the information and storing it into a single data repository.

Ready to learn more? Download this technical brief or take a test drive and experience the benefits of data protection for the cloud era.