Going to the cloud…now what?

Change is inevitable. If you work for a digital organization, you are already seeing changes in both your business and application models. From the business model perspective, your data has left the building and is spread across hybrid clouds, endpoints, and edge devices. Applications are no longer monolithic but made up of composite elements such as containers and microservices.

With all of these changes, it is no surprise that data protection models are changing and moving to the cloud. A recent ESG survey indicates that 40% of enterprise applications run on cloud infrastructure today growing to 58% within 24 months.1 AWS has led the way with cloud infrastructure and storage offerings that not only need to be protected but also form the foundation for new data protection solutions in the cloud.

Many legacy data protection solutions haven’t kept up with cloud applications, leaving gaps in their customers’ data protection coverage. As cloud usage grows, customers are also noticing that their legacy data protection solutions are not able to scale with cloud and their costs are increasing. With your data moving to the cloud, doesn’t it make sense to use the cloud to protect data already in the cloud?

Next-generation data protection

Druva delivers cloud-based data protection that allows companies like yours to accelerate growth and make more informed business decisions through simple and reliable data protection. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Druva and VMware work together to help enterprises experience the benefits of the cloud’s speed and flexibility.

Watch this webcast where AWS, Druva, and VMware address how to harness the power of the cloud for data protetion. This webinar covers:

  • AWS delivers the highest performing infrastructure and microservices to power hybrid cloud and cloud-based backup and disaster recovery
  • VMWare delivers a seamless and familiar experience for hybrid clouds allowing organizations to accelerate cloud usage while keeping IT in control
  • Druva’s SaaS-based architecture reduces the cost and complexity of cloud backup and disaster recovery making data protection affordable for any size company


1 ESG, December 2019