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Giving Back: Earth Day With The Druva Team

Hopefully you and your network had a chance to celebrate Earth Day last week by showing Mother Nature some love. The Druva team sure did! We joined forces with the town of Sunnyvale, where our U.S. headquarters is located, and volunteered our time, labor, and love at a local park in our community. In need of a little love and attention, our team’s goal for the day was to nurture and beautify the park grounds.



The team was happy to put our laptops aside and roll up our sleeves for some shoveling, racking, and mulch planting. And along the way, we learned that the compost we were spreading not only acts as a blanket for the tree roots during adverse weather but also helps the trees retain moisture, which in turn helps us conserve water. In a state like California, which is always threatened with droughts, every little bit helps!

Working together as a team we were happy to represent Druva, contribute locally and help our planet. Beyond the chance to get out of the office on a beautiful California afternoon, we were reminded of the larger importance of the afternoon’s activity – giving back to our community. At Druva, we are constantly looking for opportunities to do more for the communities where we live and work and every employee is encouraged to set up volunteer activities with organizations close to their heart. We can’t wait to show you what we do next!

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