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Frost and Sullivan Gets Druva

Frost & Sullivan gets Druva. That’s the impression one is left with after reading its most recent report on the North American Cloud Data Protection and Management Market, where they presented Druva with their North American Product Leadership Award for its “agile, high-performance, and cloud native data management-as-a-service (DMaaS) platform.” Frost & Sullivan understands what we are trying to do and how we are trying to do it.

Not everyone understands the need for cloud-based data protection and management. Most of Druva’s competitors continue to design and market solutions that use on-premises appliances. While these appliances may indeed solve many of the challenges of traditional backup and recovery systems, the design of such systems are in stark contrast to how Druva sees the world.

Druva’s competitors see their on-premises appliances as the central repository of customer data, and the cloud as a place to store another copy of data. Druva sees the cloud as the central repository for our customer’s data, while also supporting an onsite local cache of customer data. It appears that Frost & Sullivan agrees with the distinct difference between Druva and its competitors, which is why they honored us with their leadership award.

Druva sees the cloud as the ultimate data repository for multiple reasons. The first being is that the cloud is equally accessible to all. Remote devices, laptops, regional offices, and even reasonably large data centers all have sufficient bandwidth to backup and recover data via the cloud – if you properly design the service. Second, backing up directly to the cloud (while also providing a local cache) immediately places your data offsite and out of harm’s way. If it is backed up to any modern cloud, it’s also being replicated to three different locations! How safe is that? Also, Druva believes that putting customer data in one service (S3) and metadata in another service (DynamoDB) provides a level of security protection not possible with on-premises appliances that store data and metadata in the same place. Finally, Druva believes that the cloud is ultimately where the future lies. We are skating where the puck is headed.

It seems that Frost & Sullivan agrees. The report says they like how Druva’s customers can buy whatever matches their current scale, and add services as their needs require. They also like how Druva has built in security into every feature with a “security-first” approach.

Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed a product with innovative features and functionality that is gaining rapid market acceptance. The award recognizes the solution’s features and the customer value enhancements it enables. Come take a look at the award-winning services at Druva.

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