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For Laptop Backup – Be Your Own Customer

The phrase “eat your own dog food” or the more palatable “drink your own champagne” gets bandied about a lot in Silicon Valley. (I swear I’ve heard it almost as much as “win-win” and “pure play”). I’ve worked at a number of companies where we’ve said this, and done it, with varying degrees of success. No matter the level of success, it’s an important process, since it forces your company to be more customer focused.

At Druva, we walk a mile in our customers shoes, and every employee uses inSync for laptop backup. Prior to any release, we go through the upgrade or installation process ourselves. What this allows us to do is feel any pain first, and make any adjustments as necessary to avoid transferring that pain to the customers. By using the product on a daily basis, we can put it through it’s paces and watch it for performance, scalability, ease of use and so on. It’s been fun and we’ve learned a lot, not only for laptop backup, but also using the iPad and iPhone interface. It also allows anyone within the company to make suggestions about the products as they use them, which is key to our ideas on innovation as we saw in our inaugural Druva Hack Day. We’ve had lots of great ideas from all of our employees, and our product roadmap is pretty exciting.

I actually had to recover a presentation I was working on that I lost recently. I felt the cold panic, the “Oh No!” moment (ok, I didn’t say “No”, I said something else, that rhymed with “truck”, but keeping this blog at a PG-13 rating is important). I recovered the file easily using inSync. It just worked. Very often in Marketing, we will tout certain features and throw out statistics on product performance, but the one thing I realized in using inSync is that, when we say it’s the most simplified laptop backup solution out there, it’s true. And it is lightning fast. It’s a good feeling to be able to stand behind your product like this, and we also hope that customers know that we’re in the trenches, eating dog food or drinking champagne with them.