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Facilitating the adoption of VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Businesses in every industry are recognizing that when data and applications are managed internally, scaling can be complicated, time-intensive, and expensive. As such, in the 21st century, the cloud is taking on a more predominant role as many businesses are introducing a cloud-first strategy into their IT operations. This is especially important as businesses grow and data volumes increase, as the scalability afforded by the cloud can help businesses differentiate and prepare for future growth.

As more businesses look to migrate their IT systems to the cloud to reduce costs and ease data management, they need to have the confidence that their data is secure and managed according to their specific business requirements.

The University of Manchester launches a cloud-first strategy

Nearly 7,000 academic staff and researchers at the University of Manchester – England’s first civic university — conduct pioneering, interdisciplinary, and collaborative research, tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. As such, a tremendous amount of data is generated each year.

For many years, The University’s IT team supported data growth via an on-premises VMware virtual machine (VM) infrastructure. But with a growth rate of ~200 VMs each year, it decided to leverage the AWS public cloud to execute a cloud-first approach to manage growing data volumes and bring greater levels of service to researchers, teachers, and students.

To expand its existing VM environment to the cloud, it selected VMware Cloud on AWS. Ensuring that data is protected was a critical component of its cloud-first strategy. But, while it had previously protected VMs on-premises with Veeam and Dell EMC Networker, The University IT team realized that using those legacy on-premises data protection solutions to store backups from the cloud was not optimal. It would have required a large network overhead to transport backups and snapshots, and the storage costs would have been prohibitive.

Cloud-native data protection facilitates The University’s cloud-first strategy

The University chose Druva Phoenix to facilitate its adoption of VMware Cloud on AWS for two main reasons: Druva is built on AWS and it is the only VMware Cloud on AWS certified SaaS solution available in the marketplace, with a secure, scalable, and single pane of glass across multiple AWS regions. With Druva Phoenix, The University IT team can not only scale its VM environment, but it can also efficiently manage cloud backups and restores of 160+ VMs centrally from any location with confidence that its data is secure.

Next Steps

Read the University of Manchester case study to learn more about how Druva Phoenix enabled The University to eliminate legacy backup expenditures and reduce costs by 50%, achieve 2X global deduplication storage savings, and use more AWS services.

“Druva Phoenix facilitated our migration to VMware Cloud on AWS, and it allows us to use more AWS services so that our IT department can expand the services it delivers to our customers. Druva also does all the hard work on the backend, like migrating our data to different tiers of storage, which we don’t have to worry about. We simply copy our data to Druva and know it’s protected,” said Stuart Catterall, enterprise infrastructure architect.