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Expel meets its goals of security, reliability, and support with Druva inSync

Security, reliability, and support. Three things the deputy chief information security officer (CISO) at security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service provider Expel wanted in a data protection partner when he built the company’s IT infrastructure from the ground up.

The Deputy CISO, David Stoicescu, believes that, “Security should be baked into the technology — this allows us to put our people’s needs first.” David came to Expel during the company’s early days and built its entire infrastructure with a cloud-first mindset.

One of the first things he did was to implement cloud-based identity management solution Okta, so as to not rely on Microsoft Active Directory. “We implemented cloud identity provider Okta, and needed to find a data protection solution that integrated with it to protect Mac endpoints and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications,” said David.

Two of the top tier SaaS applications in Expel’s environment, G Suite and Salesforce, both contain business critical data. But when David’s team evaluated traditional on-premises solutions they found limitations. “We wanted a unified platform to manage different workloads and SaaS applications like G Suite and Salesforce,” he said.

Stellar support from Druva pleasantly surprises a deputy CISO

To David, single sign-on (SSO) was a key requirement to eliminate tedious manual management processes of backup solutions. Out of all the solutions David and his team evaluated, Druva was the only one that had a seamless SSO experience. Not only did David learn that Druva’s solution offers great Mac compatibility and robust user and identity management via SSO and Okta integration, but its support was pleasantly outstanding.

“In the very beginning we had an issue and I put in a request with Druva Support. Instead of getting an email back from the support team, someone called me within five minutes,” said David.

He added, “From a third party vendor risk perspective, Druva knocked it out of the park. As a security company that’s our top priority, and Druva exceeded our security expectations.”

Endpoint security for Mac and SaaS applications that allows IT to focus on people
With Druva inSync David’s team has a unified platform that allows them to manage backups, restores, and endpoint security for Mac and SaaS applications, such as G Suite and Salesforce. In fact, when the team deployed Druva inSync, the company hadn’t yet rolled out Salesforce.

But, said David, when they launched the customer relationship management (CRM) solution, both he and Expel’s chief revenue officer (CRO) understood the business impact of protecting this critical revenue data. “Druva inSync enables us to maintain sales operations efficiency in case of Salesforce data loss. It minimizes the risk of data corruption, accidental deletion, or insider threats,” he added.

Next Steps

Read the Expel case study to learn more about how Druva inSync delivers protection against data loss like ransomware attacks, deletion, and corruption by maintaining a secure, isolated, immutable backup in the cloud, and enables Expel to achieve these results: $200,000 annual cost savings compared to a traditional on-premises environment, 33% faster device refresh with Druva, as it shaves two hours off the process, and protection of 100% of customer relationship and revenue data in Salesforce 24×7.