Customer Stories

Essence leaps to the cloud to ensure 24×7 access to Google Workspace data

Since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, businesses in all industries have accelerated their digital transformation to survive the challenging times, pivot, and position themselves for success in the new normal. Essence, a pioneer in the use of analytics and technology to create valuable, relevant, and trustworthy advertising, was ahead of the game when rapid change became a necessity.

Essence was an early adopter of cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies to enable workforce mobility, so when the world experienced a nearly overnight shift to remote work, its team was set up for success. In 2009, it adopted Google Workspace to enable closer collaboration for its 2,000 employees, relying on Gmail, shared drives, chat, and Google calendar.

When it came to ensuring that data was recoverable in the event of disaster, Essence IT was using a tired solution they had purchased in 2014. In addition to lacking confidence in the legacy backup provider’s ability to restore lost data, the provider was also very slow to respond to feature requests. The VP of Global IT, Colin McCarthy, said that a number of the feature requests Essence made went unaddressed for years.  Druva was able to add those same requests into the feature set during the POC!

Continued cloud adoption with cloud-native data protection

When Colin was introduced to Druva inSync, he quickly got a sense of confidence in the solution and the Druva team. “There was no hard sell and I felt the Druva team had trust in its product,” he added. Additionally, Colin knew that Druva would be a facilitator of Essence’s growth as it continues to diversify its client base, tools, and support even more workforce mobility.

“As we continue to adopt SaaS applications, such as Microsoft 365, Slack, and others, we can leverage Druva inSync to protect that data,” said Colin. Explore more about how Druva inSync improve and empower greater SaaS app data protection on the Druva website.

Druva addresses the missing layers in Google Workspace data protection

Research strongly recommends organizations deployed on Google Workspace use third-party offerings to address gaps in its native capabilities. Colin’s team depends on Druva to fill gaps in backup and recovery, ransomware recovery, advanced threat protection, encryption, and business continuity. 

With Druva, Colin’s team can recover Google Drive, email, chat, and calendar content, initiate a legal hold with a single click (preserving user backup data and avoiding data deletion), and archive backups for compliance purposes.

In October 2020, Google changed the retention policies for items in the trash — all files will be automatically deleted after 30 days. With Druva, Essence has eliminated all concerns of data loss in Google Workspace. “Whether it’s accidental or malicious deletion, I don’t worry about it because I have confidence that data is being backed up,” said Colin. 

Druva delivers the X factor

One of the confidence boosters Colin’s team achieved is the 5X faster restores his team accomplished with Druva inSync compared to its previous backup tool. “We recently had to restore some files, which I was able to do in about eight minutes. With our previous tool, it would have taken me about 40 minutes to find the file,” he said.

Read the Essence case study to learn more about Druva’s impact, such as delivering faster development cycles than Essence’s previous backup vendor, giving the business exactly what it needs to scale in the new normal.