Enterprise Laptop Backup Market Heating Up?

We did a webinar with Curtis Preston (Mr. Backup Blog) yesterday and the response was overwhelming. It’s good to see more and more companies focusing on laptop backup. Below are the slides for reference.

When we started the journey about 3 years ago, we were almost the only startup focused on Enterprise Laptop Backup and the only case study for us to follow was that of Connected (which was acquired by Iron Mountain and then eventually left to die). We have come a long way and have 600+ strong customers with some great names like PWC, NASA, Xerox, Schlumberger etc. When you have a fire at your home,  all you care is a good/reliable fire extinguisher and value the brand less, and I believe that’s what happened with us with all these great brands.

And now its good to see many other players joining the game. Last week we saw announcements by i365 Cloud (Seagate) and CommVault. Mozy and Carbonite have also done a good job in educating the consumer markets which is eventually spreading awareness in businesses as well.

With the February launch of Druva inSyne Enterprise and last week’s Backup Cloud announcement, we have yet again established our leadership in innovation.

Our salesforce stats reveal that about 63% of qualified leads eventually buy InSync and we almost never lose to our competitors (we lost just 8 against 320 opportunities in last 1 year). We’re super confident of improving this track record with upcoming customer reach programs and product announcements. Stay tuned.