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Endpoint Backup: It’s Not Just Data Protection Anymore (Pt. 3)

This is the third in a three part series

Gartner Gets it Right!
In October 2013 analyst firm Gartner released its “Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup” report. In this report inSync is recognized with the highest product rating out of seven solutions reviewed. Additionally, inSync achieved the highest mobile-workforce-centric score and a rating of “excellent” for product viability based on an assessment of each vendor’s strategy and its ability to enhance and support a product over its expected lifecycle.

In the report Gartner states, “The increased mobile work options and adoption of BYOD are increasing security risks. As a result, we are seeing greater interest in deploying endpoint backup from large organizations, including well-known technology companies. These companies realize that increased workforce mobility heightens data loss risks, as more employees store their data locally on their endpoints. The old way of either ignoring endpoint backup or forcing users to write to a corporate network share is no longer valid.” (Gartner, Inc., “Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup” by Pushan Rinnen and Dave Russell. October 24, 2013.)

In my opinion, my industry colleagues at Garter got it right in the report. Gartner captured the essence of the problems enterprises face as they rapidly expand the deployment and use of a multitude of endpoint devices (including BYOD) and they accurately positioned each vendor included in their review. I consider the Gartner report as mandatory reading for all users considering a new or replacement endpoint backup solution.


It’s clear that users want security risks minimized and to realize increases in endpoint device performance and productivity. Druva’s focus on customer requirements is a key part of its success. Druva hears you when you tell them where your pain points are and they write the technology prescription to cure the pain. The Druva prescription is clearly working based on adoption and spoken customer satisfaction after deployment. One customer I recently spoke with told me that he “wasn’t satisfied” he was “ecstatic.” His elation using inSync was unmistakable.

Gartner recognizes leadership in this market and has correctly analyzed seven choices a customer can make. From the Gartner report it is easy to glean where Druva sits and how Druva can help you.

Endpoint backup, data protection and governance is evolving to address security and performance concerns and will continue to evolve – rapidly in my opinion in order to address areas such as: the rapidly expanding mobile workforce revolution, growing contract employee turnover, emerging mobile devices, increasing public, private and hybrid cloud deployments and greater use by government departments and agencies world-wide.
Druva is in a prime position to help you meet the challenges ahead because the company has the financial, engineering and support it needs to make your life easier and keep your data protected and productive.