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Druva inSync Delivers “Day -12” support for iOS9

These days, there’s an expectation among consumers that their favorite apps will be ready and available with every new iOS upgrade. That’s true even for enterprise apps. So when it came to Apple’s recent iOS9 launch, Druva’s product team decided to ready our mobile app a full 12 days before the new OS was released.

iOS 9 was released last week and once again millions have already upgraded their Apple devices to this new and exciting version of iOS at the snap of their fingers. Well, maybe not that fast – but you get the point.

What’s also become a norm with Day Zero upgrades now is that users (and I’m one of them) expect their favorite applications – yes, enterprise apps as well – to work out of the box with their shiny new operating system.  If an enterprise app doesn’t work on the new OS post upgrade, this can often lead to helpdesk calls and support issues for our friends in the IT organization.

In order to help our enterprise customers and their end users with this situation, Druva has been fully committed to ensure Day Zero support for inSync with new operating systems. In this particular case, with iOS9, our product team decided to go a step beyond and broke the “Day Zero” bar. Our inSync v3.9 app which supports iOS9, was available on the Apple app store on Sep 4th, 12 days before the new OS was released!

It’s available now, so if you haven’t grabbed it yet, visit iTunes to download.  

And while we are at it, here is a feature that we’ve added to our inSync iOS app recently:

Document Picker Support – From the new inSync 3.9 app, one can now pick and add files located within 3rd party applications like Box, Dropbox etc. directly into inSync Share without leaving the inSync application.  


In this example, the end user decides to pick a file from Dropbox and bring that into inSync.  The user can browser Dropbox locations and pick and copy/add the file they want from Dropbox into inSync while still being in the inSync app.


Stay tuned as we look forward to bring many more such exciting features to our products down the road. For questions about inSync, please visit our redesigned support community.

What’s Druva inSync, you ask? Get a 5 minute screenshot tour of our award-winning product designed for IT admins and end users.


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