Druvaa inSync 2.0 Features Suggest

For the first timers – Druvaa inSync is a Fast Enterprise Laptop Sync solution mainly targeted at LAN/WAN based backups for mobile workforce and cross office backup consolidation.

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Druvaa inSync 2.0 is being targeted as a complete laptop data sync protection solution.

Feature Set

a) Server Side

  1. Performance improvements – Improved sync algorithm (based on xdelta-3).
  2. Continuous Data Protection – Date/time based “from the past” restore.
  3. Network Profiles – admin configures network profiles with –
    1. IP addresses
    2. Network Type LAN/WAN/Auto (to optimize on backup packet sizes)
    3. On-wire compression levels
  4. Pluggable Storage Architecture – to make way for storage engines like encrypted, compressed, single instance, Amazon S3
  5. Single Instance Store – powerful block level de-duplication/single instancing.
  6. Storage Profiles – admin configures storage profiles with storage engine and capacity
  7. User Profiles – binds network and storage profiles with user profiles/groups. A totally flexible way of choosing which user syncs using which network and what storage type.
  8. Remote Data Deletion/Encryption – Theft protection
  9. Live Reports – Statistic, Graphs and email Alerts.

b) Client Side

  1. Bandwidth QoS – Choose backup bandwidth cap by percentage not value.
  2. Search backed-up files – allow users to search files in backup by names
  3. Auto restore/heal – automatically “heal” the laptop by restoring all files to default location
  4. Live Console – View live logs and backup activity

Feedback Suggestion

Druvaa inSync team would like to hear your feedback/suggestions –

  1. Whats your take on planed features ?
  2. Anything we missed or you would like to suggest ?