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Druvaa Deduplicates Its Name. Now

Not so long back, a customer jokingly asked me “How are you guys selling data deduplication software, when your company has duplicates in it’s name” 🙂 Well at that time, I did not have a good answer. But we did realize that people were facing issues remembering the extra “a“.

So, to make the brand recall simpler, we spent some good time, effort and money to removed the duplicate “A”.

The website has already been migrated (see now has a new cool logo as well. All the email addresses will be carried forward as-they-are to the new domain, and older email addresses will still be valid. Request you to make a change in your address book as well.

We soon will be migrating other sub-domains (blog, kb, forums etc.). The changes may take some time, and request you to be patient.

If you are a customer or listed somewhere in our, an email is probably already waiting in your Inbox guiding you through changes 🙂