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Druva inSync now available for iPads and iPhones

I have a confession. I admit I’m a former Windows user turned Mac Geek (no, I don’t have a black turtleneck, you have to draw the line somewhere). Of course, being an avid Mac user I spend a lot of time on my iPad, checking email, reading blogs, reviewing documents, checking designs, surfing the web, downloading apps etc.

Seems like I continuously have my head in my iPhone these days too, mostly for work (though I have been known to play the odd game or three of Fruit Ninja – highest score so far is 645).

Up to now, if I ever needed a file urgently, say a PowerPoint deck or a PDF, I would either pull that from my laptop, or have to dig it out of email.

With the recent release of inSync 4.1 support for iPhone & iPad, now all of the files that are on my laptop I can access via backups on my iPhone or iPad using the inSync remote client.

The inSync client installs just like any other app. Once installed it’s very easy to use, you configure it to point to your inSync server, add your username and password and voila, you now have access to all of your backed up data over time. Simple.

The 4.1 release of inSync Enterprise also included some important and exciting additions, such as HyperCache, multi-admin support, and Active Directory integration, making it extremely easy to import and maintain users. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, already we have plans for additional development to add more functionality and extend our protection beyond the laptop to iPads, iPhones and more. Exciting times ahead…