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Druva Receives Five Stevie® Awards for Customer Service

For the second year in a row, Druva is honored to receive recognition from the Stevie® Awards for excellence in customer service and support. I want to sincerely thank all of our phenomenal customers for the high ratings we received on service metrics, resulting in five awards in customer service categories. Druva has been on a long journey to get where we are today, and the core of our success comes from always looking through the eyes of the customers.

Our impeccable execution and laser focus on customer success enabled us to achieve the following  recognition:

  • Gold Stevie award for Contact Center of the Year (up to 100 seats) – Technology Industries
  • Silver Stevie award for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year – Technology Industries, with special recognition for our Holistic Customer Success Program
  • Silver Stevie award for Innovation in Customer Service – Computer Industries
  • Bronze Stevie award for Best Use of Technology in Customer Service
  • Bronze Stevie award for Customer Service Department of the Year – Computer Software (100 or more employees)

Of course, customer feedback is the best measurement of any customer success program. This year, Druva’s key metrics included the following:

  • Net promoter score: 85 (50 and above is considered excellent)
  • Customer satisfaction: 98% (sustained for the last four years)
  • Gross dollar churn: <1%
  • 62% of customers were repeat buyers
  • 18% of customers were able to take advantage of self-service content for support

Druva’s customer-experience initiative is driven by investment in these six areas

1. Best use of technology in customer service
Innovations in customer success have been Druva’s key focus. To accomplish that goal, we have implemented the best technology and fully integrated solutions for a seamless customer experience. The key elements of Druva’s customer service experience are:

  • Holistic customer experience with a fully integrated Salesforce solution
  • Cloud-based contact center
  • Omni-channel experience based on customer priority
  • Contextually relevant response across channels
  • New customer-centric Druva Documentation Portal

2. Support and customer engagement
To support our rapidly growing customer base, we have built a team of A-players and equipped them with best-in-class technology solutions to support to our 4000+ customers.Key initiatives for our support team include:

  • Streamlined contact-center implementation for enhanced customer and agent experience
  • Ability for customers to communicate with us via the channel of their choice and for agents to manage the context-based communication through a single interface
  • Self-service options such as access to more than 200 knowledge-base articles published by support engineers and focusing on troubleshooting and FAQs
  • Respond-in-minutes service-level agreement (SLA) for all customer interactions achieved 99.9% of the time
  • Continuously updated and verified documentation portal with FAQs, how-to procedures, and best practices, including more than 5,000 articles promoting self-services
  • In-product context-sensitive help that enables customers to access relevant and just-in-time information
  • Forums discussions for peer-to-peer customer interactions, with a guaranteed response within four hours
  • Proactive product and cloud availability notifications on our Support Portal

3. Professional services
A critical aspect of Druva’s end-to-end customer-success philosophy is the extent of our professional services engagement. This commitment spans the entire customer lifecycle, from pre-sales discovery to management of all implementation activities. These services include the following:

  • Globally distributed team to ensure customer success
  • Offerings based on customer segment and requirements, with technical experts to ensure successful deployments
  • Delivery of  50% faster implementation ROI to customers

4. Druva University
We offer extensive training programs via an easy-to-use online learning portal for customers and partners. The portal offers:

  • Self-paced and instructor-led sessions and customized private classes
  • Monthly webinars on focused topics
  • On-demand recorded trainings

5. Customer success
To ensure success, Druva has implemented a coordinated approach that empowers customers with all of the resources and support necessary at each stage of their journey with us. Key initiatives include:

  • Tracking Customer Success team feedback with Product, Sales, and Marketing departments
  • Customer onboarding kits to ease deployment
  • Customer advisory board to provide our customers with a strong voice within the company
  • Established health metrics to track early warning and red-hot situations
  • Improved customer communication for product releases

6. High-performing team
Beyond tools and philosophy, the Druva team is the most critical component to the overall support and success of our customers. The team’s strength derives from a focus on hiring, internal growth, rewards and recognitions, and regular trainings.

Druva’s services team is passionate about our customers. Our engineers take it as a personal mission to help customers succeed, and they will not rest until a customer’s issue is resolved.

We have devoted significant time and resources to making sure that Druva offers not only the best product, but also the best overall experience for our customers, and we will continue to push forward. We are extremely grateful for our customers and the recognition from the Stevie Awards—both of which prove that our efforts are worthwhile and well received.

Customer Success Resources
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