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Druva On-Demand: Delivering Features in Real Time in the Cloud

With spell checking, if your words aren’t in the dictionary, you click and add them — you continuously improve the app and it serves you better. Likewise, the tools you use to run your business processes, from backups to bookkeeping, serve you better when they’re continuously updated. And with cloud-native SaaS tools, you get new capabilities, enhanced features, and bug fixes quicker without ever having to click “update”.

There’s a huge difference between cloud-native apps and software programs that connect to the Internet. Cloud-native is about creating and running apps in a way that takes specific advantage of cloud computing architecture. In practical terms, that means quick, automatic, pinpointed updates that don’t impact the rest of your IT infrastructure. Instead of waiting for software to be released (posted or distributed, downloaded, and installed a few times a year), cloud-native SaaS simply starts working better – with no IT overhead or necessary downtime.

At Druva, we follow a continuous delivery model with cloud updates as often as every two weeks. This means our customers get new capabilities quickly with experience faster time-to-value. And if we need to make a change to enable some unique but important functionality, we don’t need to wait 24 hours let alone three weeks. Additionally, our close partnership with AWS enables us to beta test new technology sooner and often times we are able to introduce those new features to customers within months of general availability.

Cloud-native architecture, by its nature, supports the entire concept of continuous improvement. You don’t necessarily have to make elaborate plans and scheduling to update your software. Deloitte’s Mike Kavis put it this way: “… code is not hard-wired to any of the infrastructure components, so that the app can scale up and down on demand.”

Our corporate culture at Druva reflects our cloud-native origins — everyone has a voice and a stake in continuously contributing to the success of our customers. Bottom line, offering cloud-native SaaS means we can bring you new capabilities faster and have the agility to meet your changing needs.

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