Druva: offering a superior, third-party alternative to the Salesforce Recovery Service

You hear it a lot — the misconception that SaaS companies back up and protect the data that you store with them. But Salesforce is like most other SaaS providers in that it uses the shared responsibility model. This means that Salesforce will provide the always-on infrastructure and security, but the customers are responsible for their data stored in the cloud. 

Salesforce provides two native solutions to help recover from data loss or corruption. Each comes with its own limitations and doesn’t provide air-tight protection. 

The first option is weekly exports. This is a weekly download of Salesforce data in CSV files broken down by objects. Users have 48 hours to download these files before they are gone forever. Typically, these files are stored in the computer of the admin downloading the files or in a network folder. Although this is a free option, it includes the following additional risks:

  • Large RPO — The earliest users can recover data is from the previous week, which could miss multiple changes to records
  • Manual restore — Using data loader, users have to import object by object to maintain relationships; the more complex the object hierarchy, the longer this process takes, and the longer Salesforce is without data
  • No metadata — The weekly export doesn’t include metadata; there is no ability to restore profiles, permission sets, reports, or the dashboard in the case of loss or corruption
  • Lack of security — Export files are not encrypted and live on the company’s network, making them vulnerable to attack or manipulation

The second option is the recently reinstated Salesforce Recovery Service. Initially discontinued, Salesforce brought back the service in March 2021 due to demand from customers requiring a fail safe and last resort for retrieving their data. In the service, customers receive CSV files of their data to be restored manually. As a last resort, it shouldn’t be used as a data protection and/or compliance plan for the following reasons: 

  • Not 100% guaranteed — Salesforce doesn’t guarantee to provide you with all the requested data
  • Long RTO — Takes 6-8 weeks for Salesforce to provide the CSV files
  • Manual restore — Restoring data manually can take days to weeks depending on the size of the data loss, leaving it tedious and time-consuming to maintain relationships 
  • No metadata — Salesforce doesn’t provide metadata files to manually restore (can’t recover profiles, permission sets, reports, or dashboards)
  • High cost — Service starts at $10k and increases based on size of data loss

Salesforce strives for customer satisfaction and ease, and these factors are not met with weekly exports or the recovery service. In its blog, Salesforce recommends using a third-party solution from one of its partners as they “drive more trust and extend the value of the Salesforce platform.”¹

Why customers choose Druva for Salesforce backup and restore

As a global leader in cloud data protection, Druva delivers a simple and comprehensive Salesforce data protection solutionl to securely protect your Salesforce data, and provides customers with the following key benefits

Award-winning storage 

Druva is synonymous with security. A recent winner of the Cyber Catalyst Award, Druva is a leader in cloud data protection and management. Customers sleep peacefully knowing their data is in good hands. 

Automated backups

Druva takes a daily backup of all your standard, custom, and managed package objects, including attachments, content, knowledge, and chatter. The daily backup includes metadata to capture any code changes.

Fast and easy restore 

Customers have the flexibility to restore an entire organization, whole objects, a few records, or individual fields. The ability to recover exact records while automatically maintaining parent-child relationships reduces the time, cost, and resources necessary to return to normalcy. 

Platform play

Druva is a one stop shop for all of your cloud data protection needs. Managing your backups through a simple, single pane of glass reduces the cost of ownership, and makes it more efficient to protect all of your data needs.  

Next steps

Druva provides a 100% SaaS solution for the complete protection of business-critical Salesforce data. The solution enables reliable, automated daily backups of data and metadata, with simple recovery from secure air-gapped storage to prevent data loss incidents. This empowers customers to accelerate and protect their cloud projects, leaving behind the burden and cost of legacy hard- and software — providing greater agility, improving resilience, and efficiency.

Download the new Druva for Salesforce solution brief to learn more.


¹ Salesforce, “Data Recovery Service is Back,” Josh Alexander, March 11, 2021.