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Druva Momentum Continues with $12M Series-B “Scale-Up” Funding

I can still remember working from a “shared” garage office when Druva was a bootstrapped company with just 7 people.

After wasting about 6 months, the “eureka” moment came in July 2008 with the launch of inSync, and since then we haven’t had the time to look back.

Today I’m delighted to announce the closing of a new “scale-up” Series B round of funding for $12M lead by Nexus Venture Partners with participation from Sequoia Capital. The official announcement and more details can be found here.

This round will help us to continue our momentum and make some strategic investments. In the recent past Druva has demonstrated technological leadership with the introduction of unique innovative products such as SafePoint, support for iOS/Android and lead the way by being the first data protection company to offer strict enterprise SLAs for data backup to the cloud. Over the next year to 18 months, our key focus will be to significantly grow sales and marketing while still continuing the spirit and culture of innovation and reinvention that has brought us success so far.

In thinking about the trip so far, being an amateur hiker, it reminds me of hiking a steep ascent. As you go higher, the view just gets better, and I’m confident that we are soon going to be at the top.