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Druva Doc Portal – A Brand New Search Experience

When it’s easier for our customers to find our documentation, it’s easier for them to succeed.

With precisely this thought, we have launched a brand new, AI-powered search experience on the Druva Doc Portal and this is just the beginning of the improved customer user experience in 2019.

So what’s new? Let’s find out!

A significantly better search experience

Druva has integrated Coveo’s advanced and deep intelligence into the Doc Portal to provide better, more relevant search results, and ultimately ensure customers get the most out of our products. The machine learning capabilities power auto-suggest, content recommendations, and proactive features that make the search process seamless.

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Find relevant content regardless of where it resides

Previously, search results were limited to only content available on the Doc Portal. However, we wanted to ensure our customers have easy access to all self-service content; Doc Portal, knowledge base, training videos, and customer forums. The new search experience generates relevant content regardless of where it resides, providing a more comprehensive view and deeper understanding.

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Filters to find the most relevant information  

Druva customers now have the ability to filter content by product and use case to find material that is most relevant, eliminating any extra, unnecessary or redundant steps. Additionally, customers can now preview articles where the search term is highlighted to help them quickly gauge the most significant content.

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What’s Next

There are a lot of exciting enhancements planned for this year – visual content, simplified navigation, personalized help, and much more. At Druva, we’re always working towards making the self-service experience an enriching one. Be sure to click on the Feedback option on the Doc Portal to tell us what you think about the new search experience and what further improvements we can make.