Customer Stories

Druva Customer Success Program – Tools and Innovation for Business Results

At Druva, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives results for your business every day, from providing visibility across your data and ensuring business continuity and flagging potential ransomware attacks, to improving your company’s e-discovery and compliance capabilities. In addition to a lineup of first-in-class solutions, we continue to introduce innovations that create an exceptional customer experience.

With products that can be deployed in minutes and multiple channels to contact support, including web chat, email, community, and phone, customers always have a way to instantly reach out. Maintaining our focus on delivering “WOW” in every interaction with our customers and a customer-first attitude is an important aspect of our culture. We are results driven.

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In fact, last month, Druva was honored and recognized with eight awards for innovation in customer service, customer satisfaction strategy and more at the 2019 Stevie Awards, which honors top businesses in sales and customer service.  


In the age of cloud and fast paced business, empowering customers with the tools to be successful is critical, and in just the last few months, Druva has introduced a number of new features for customers, including:

In-Product User Engagements and Analytics

With a new engagement and analytics widget, users can access personalized guidance, contextual help, announcements and tailored user onboarding directly from the Druva console. Customers can easily search documentation, live chat with the Druva support engineers, and see the real-time status of the Druva Cloud 24/7.


Druva Self-Service Portals

With our focus on the digital experience for technical learnings, on-demand self-service content and continued innovation for world-class customer experience, we launched an enhanced Customer Support Portal. The portal acts as a streamlined contact center for a better user experience and customers can communicate via the channel of their choice.

In addition, we launched a refreshed experience of the Druva Documentation Portal (Doc Portal) with an AI-powered search experience, and improved navigation. The Doc Portal hosts continuously update including FAQs, how-to procedures, and best practices, and this is just the start of an improved customer experience.

Professional Services

Our team ensures your organization has first-hand access to experts during design and deployment, leveraging best practices from start to finish. By delivering tailored solutions, we are able to accelerate deployment efforts and reduce the workload on your internal IT staff so they can focus on other projects.

With the idea in mind to help you get the most out of your Druva products we offer a library of support and training materials, customer solutions, and health-check services. It’s important that our customers are successful in every stage of their life cycle, starting with having all the necessary resources and support. As we continue to grow at Druva, we are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers succeed.

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