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Druva Cloud Platform: A View Into the Innovation

A few weeks ago we announced the general availability of Druva Cloud Platform for all Druva customers. Our customers have already started adopting DCP and are seeing positive results. But why did we started building Druva Cloud Platform in the first place? And where are we on this journey? We’re on a mission to help our customers manage their entire organisation’s data in the most efficient and simplified manner.

For past few year, we have been working on protecting and managing data from across various data sources. With acquisition of Druva CloudRanger, we are now helping our customers manage their data stored in AWS infrastructure as well. Over last few years, the way we generate, store and use data has evolved significantly, and the reality today is that enterprise data exist in multiple places – from classic endpoint devices to cloud based workspaces, from typical data center to serverless storage. With increasing mobility and variety of data sources, we have always been on our toes to support new data sources and new ways of accessing and managing the data source. But this evolution has made it more complex for IT and IT managers to manage the entire data footprint of the organisation.

Given these changes in how data is managed, we asked a few key questions:

  • How can we make sure that innovation happening in one area of Druva can be extended to other areas?
  • How can we simplify the complexity of today’s data fabric for organisations?
  • How can we make the IT and IT managers even more efficient?

This is when Druva Cloud Platform was born. It’s how to simplify the complex data management scenario, unify all data sources, expand the reach of innovation happening in each specific area and in a way accelerate the innovation itself.

With this goal in mind, we started building Druva Cloud Platform about a year ago. Many people worked round the clock to realize the dream with which we started building the platform.

With the first release of DCP, we are able to change our solutions into elegant services interacting with each in a non-intrusive way. This makes it much easier to upgrade those services and provide updates faster, rather than getting blocked by dependencies. There’s a number of other improvements as well:

  • We  launched a new UX framework – this will lead our focus on user experience to further simplify the workflows across the products.
  • We created a unified login, which means now all of the Druva services are accessible through single login credentials.
  • There’s now a unified console, which means you can view all your data sources and the data protected through all the sources together.
  • We’ve unified certain configuration across the products so that our customers don’t need to do the same configurations at multiple places.
  • We’ve also unified administrator management across the products so that all of it is managed at one place.
  • We have made it easier to access our services through a simple search, and made it easier for you to learn more about the products.

During the course of making Druva Cloud Platform a reality, we learned a lot about our own solutions and how our customers interact and use our solutions. With those learnings and derivations from the initial performance of our key metrics, we are once again at work to improve Druva Cloud Platform further. As we have said, this is a journey of a true platform that we have started and this is the first step.