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Druva at re:Invent: Data protection for AWS and more

We’re excited to be a Diamond sponsor at AWS re:Invent this year and we are looking forward to meeting with you! In the cloud era, data protection is one of the top three concerns for leadership in 2019.1 With a compound data growth rate of 61%2 and traditional solutions designed and optimized for client/server environments; businesses need a new approach to data protection.

Druva’s SaaS platform, layered on top of AWS’ highly available infrastructure, is the only solution that can go as fast as AWS to protect your data across endpoints, data centers, SaaS apps and cloud workloads. How this solution protects data at the speed of business and removes the cost and administrative burdens of legacy data protection will be showcased at re:Invent and it is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know Druva better.

Come to booth #1115 to learn more about:

  • Unified backup across endpoints, data centers, SaaS apps and cloud workloads
  • Automated disaster recovery of virtual environments & hybrid cloud
  • Globally accessible backup and disaster recovery for Amazon IaaS and Amazon and cloud-hosted databases (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MariaDB, NoSQL)
  • Intelligent tiering that automatically moves data to cold storage reducing long-term retention costs by up to 30%

Check out our theater spotlight schedule for presentations from our partners:

  • AWS infrastructure capabilities and integration with Druva to deliver cloud-native data protection
  • VMware’s integration with VMware Cloud on AWS and Druva to protect data across all VMware environments
  • Okta’s integration with Druva to blend their Identity and Access Management solution into Druva’s cloud-native platform

Go deeper in these sessions on the following topics:

Self-service backup and disaster recovery plans for AWS infrastructure

Learn how Druva’s SaaS solution enables you to take a self-service approach to backup and disaster recovery (DR) readiness. Automatically create an AWS cross-account DR site based on a production site with Amazon VPC cloning and seamlessly backing up Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Aurora instances across AWS accounts and Regions.

Join us on Monday, Dec 2, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM at the Aria, Level 3 West, Juniper 4 and find out how you can keep DR plans current, tested, and cost-optimized for critical applications in your AWS environments. Session ID: STG365-S

Technical whiteboard session with Druva and AWS architects 

Session on how customers can make use of powerful solutions from Druva and AWS to protect and manage data, applications, and workloads across the cloud and on-premises environments. Hear about unified protection of hybrid cloud data and workloads, disaster recovery, long-term data retention, data governance, and ransomware.

Join us on Tuesday, Dec 3, 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM at the MGM, Level 1, Grand Ballroom 124 to learn more about data protection across all on-premises and cloud workloads, workload mobility, data governance, analytics, and ransomware. Session ID: ENT322-S

Presentation with Druva Chief Technologist

As data becomes more fragmented across offices, laptops, IoT devices, and data centers you need to consider a solution that secures and protects data anywhere. In this session, hear how Druva unifies multiple data sources into a single pool that is globally deduped with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon RDS and stored on Amazon S3 and how to reduce backup times for large backups with Druva, AWS Snowball, and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

Join us on Tuesday, Dec 3, 5:10 PM – 5:30 PM at the Venetian, Level 2, Pilvi Theater – Expo Hall to learn how to deliver business continuity for on-premises and cloud workloads using Amazon EC2 to provide infinite scalability, global accessibility, and self-service data resiliency. Session ID: DEM23-S

Relentless data growth and sprawl means you need a different approach to data protection. Druva’s global data protection unifies data from multiple sources that span  all cloud and on-premise environments. Stop by Druva – Booth 1115 at re:Invent to see how Druva delivers the data protection foundation your business needs to accelerate your journey to the cloud. 2018
2IDC, 2018