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Druva Adds Proactive Compliance, Support for VMware and GovCloud

Just as things are heating up towards the end of summer, we’ve launched a number of innovative new capabilities and ways to improve how you get the most from your Druva solutions. You may have already seen the announcement of our Proactive Compliance offering, completely redesigned support portal ( and the announcement of the Office 365 integration availability. We recently announced support for agentless VMWare backup on Phoenix. Next, we are about to roll out GovCloud support for our federal customers using Phoenix. As Billy Mays famously said: but wait, there’s more!

Druva inSync gets even better with security and cloud enhancements

Based on your feedback, our inSync team has been busy hammering out new features for inSync, and we hope you’re just as excited about them as we are. These enhancements help to further enhance our robust security and address our constant endeavour to simplify the life of the IT Administrator.

A few things coming your way:

  • Single Sign On and multi-factor authentication for inSync administrators
  • IP Fencing to permit access to inSync only from pre-approved networks
  • Reporting enhancements that provide deeper visibility for compliance and legal hold

Read more about the latest capabilities and enhancements here

New support for VMware and GovCloud on Phoenix

Druva recently released our new product Phoenix focused on physical and virtual server backup to the cloud. The initial feedback has been phenomenal and we continue to build market-defining features. As more government agencies look to move to the cloud, for our Federal Phoenix customers , GovCloud support will soon be available to help meet their specific regulatory and compliance requirements, as they currently do with inSync.

In addition, our support for VMware backup will allow native backups to VMs at the hypervisor level. Other things we’re working diligently on:

  • UX improvements such as an alert mechanism
  • Role-based access control that addresses the need for multiple levels of delegated administration
  • Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

For more information on these capabilities, read more here

Introducing Proactive Compliance to ease your data protection anxiety

Few things are harder for organizations to control than sensitive data residing on  laptops and mobile devices used by their employees, and now you’ve got to worry about end user data in  cloud apps too. Fear not, this is exactly why we launched our proactive compliance capabilities. This new solution helps enterprise organizations to identify data risks before they happen.

For more details on what proactive compliance can do for you, check out the detailed solutions page that talks about its capabilities. Proactive compliance capabilities will be available to Druva Elite Plus customers on or near September 19th.

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Are you new to Druva and wondering what all the excitement is about? We invite you to get a free trial of Druva inSync’s single dashboard for backup, availability and governance, or find out more information by checking out these useful resources: