Did You Know?: Five Ways to Maximize Your Data Protection with Druva

As a SaaS-based platform built on AWS, we constantly innovate and enhance our technology so you can do even more with your data. To help you leverage Druva to the fullest, here are five insider tips, tricks and features you might not already know Druva offers, to help you better protect and manage your data. Take a look!

1. Data Protection is the leader in customer relationship and sales lifecycle management, and businesses trust valuable customer data saved on the platform. What you might not realize is that while Salesforce is built on a resilient platform, the company recommends using a partner backup solution to protect your Salesforce data. While Salesforce offers basic protection, it’s not enough to protect you against catastrophic events. That’s where Druva comes in. With our innovative backup and recovery capabilities, you can quickly automate time-indexed backups of your most important customer data, including standard objects, custom objects, notes, files, attachments and metadata, with granular on-demand object level recovery options.

When you enable Salesforce integration, you have direct access to a unified data protection platform from within Salesforce to backup, archive, manage, and view your data for availability.


Get started with complete protection for your Salesforce data.

2. Druva Phoenix Analytics

Did you know that you can see your storage consumption and usage pattern analytics inside Druva Phoenix? Druva’s analytics helps you better understand credit consumption across the entire enterprise through easy-to-use visual tools, which offer a better way to understand user behavior, distribution patterns, anomalies, and analysis capabilities. This feature is enabled by default for all Druva Phoenix accounts, and users can learn how to use it in our document center.

To access the analytics data, on the menu bar, select All Organizations and click Analytics.


3. Sharepoint Online Site Auto-Discovery

Microsoft Sharepoint provides an easy-to-use, decentralized collaboration tool for mid-range and large enterprises, however keeping up with users creating new sites can be a challenge.

The good news? Druva enables, automates and simplifies protection of Sharepoint Online, like web app file data for classic and team sites. With one-click configuration, you can automatically discover site-collections and protect backup data and metadata. Sharepoint Online is part of Druva’s Microsoft Office 365 backup solution.


4. End User Identity Management

Druva now supports automated user and lifecycle management through deep integration with Secure Cross Identity Management (SCIM) 2.0. By leveraging an open standards-based approach, we are able to provide the best flexibility and choice to implement an identity management solution while reducing complexity, risk, and time required to manage end user data protection. Okta and Microsoft Azure AD are examples of our supported identity management solutions, and you can learn more about enabling SCIM in your environment in our documentation center.

5. Event Monitoring APIs

Druva has a rich set of events that are logged and managed as part of our system analytics, but these events can also be integrated with security information and event management (SIEM) tools like Splunk, ArcSight, and others for centralized event management across your data center. This deep API integration provides customers with the ability to monitor, detect, log, and take corrective actions as well as build custom workflows suited to specific enterprise processes and requirements.

At Druva, we’re always working to enhance the customer experience and the value of backups. If you’re currently operating in a hybrid cloud environment using VMware and AWS, please join us for a webinar May 2 at 11am PT / 2pm ET, “Data Protection for Your VMware Hybrid Cloud,” where you’ll learn how to simplify backup, restore and disaster recovery for VMware virtual machines.

Druva customers looking for information on other tips and tricks can visit our training portal. For those new to Druva seeking information about how we can help bring your data protection into the cloud era, visit or contact our solutions specialists directly at 1-888-821-0592.