Deck the Halls with Tape: the Holiday Webinar

Deck the Halls with Tape: the Holiday Webinar

Dashing to the server room
As a one-man IT team
Watching things get backed up
Laughing all the way (ha ha ha)

Save yourself some headache
And backup to the cloud
Using a-radically-new-approach-to-backup can
Give you peace of mind!

Join us on Tuesday Dec 16 at 9am PT as we share why backup tape is better suited as holiday tinsel!

Featuring Deepak Balakrishna and Dave Packer, this webinar will cover how Phoenix, Druva’s radically simple cloud server backup and archiving solution, is poised to dramatically lower your costs, while achieving 20-times-faster performance than traditional solutions.

deck the halls with tape

When: Tuesday Dec 16 at 9am PT,  12pm ET

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Ellis Luk

Ellis comes from a social media and copywriting background. She has experience growing and developing social marketing efforts with an H2H (human-to-human) approach. At Druva, she runs all things social in collaboration with events, content, PR, AR, and customer advocacy. Prior to Druva, she led the social and content efforts at Totango.


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