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Cloudy or Clear: Understanding Today’s Global Privacy Requirements for Data Protection in the Cloud

As companies expand their global footprint, more and more regional regulations and laws affect their decision-making and workflow. Most organizations focus on security  issues — but, says Dave Packer, Druva’s senior director of product marketing, that isn’t enough.

Privacy and data protection are key issues, certainly, but encryption is not enough, says Packer. “There’s a misconception that, if data is encrypted, then that data will not be accessible by unauthorized parties.”

According to a 451 Group report, “Data privacy tops the list of security concerns for cloud consumers,” the top five security challenges in 2015 are data privacy, control of data, accessibility of data, auditing and compliance, and contractual/legal issues. Your organization needs to pay attention to all of these.

Along with differing global privacy regulations for different countries, organizations also have to worry about regional and industry regulations, such as healthcare’s HIPPA,  or others like FINRA and COPPA. And any time a corporation becomes a custodian of data, they are expected to know clearly what kind of privacy requirements they need to meet.

Why are these companies taking their efforts to the public cloud? How is AWS lending its experience to build a more secure infrastructure for companies to comply with and meet those regulations and laws? You’ll learn more about these issues in the “Understanding Today’s Global Privacy Requirements for Data Protection in the Cloud” webinar on-demand below, presented by AWS Expert Matt Yanchyshyn and Dave Packer. Find the video by clicking through on the Webinar link below.