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Cloud-based Voting: What to Consider

In the last decade, there have been major concerns about voting accuracy, starting the conversation of embracing a new model or method to ensure security. The question, however, is “is it possible to leverage the cloud to streamline and strengthen the voting process?” Considering the cloud provides a strong, dependable backbone and is used by some of the most security minded organizations, it is something to consider.  

From my perspective, this is how it might be done. Here is a list of six factors I believe can help make a cloud-based voting system successful:

  1. Secure the cloud some of the most strict security requirements in the world are already being met through the cloud, so why should elections be treated differently?
  2. Verifying identity- one way to provide foundational evidence that you are who you say you are.
  3. Biometric authentication- a best-effort system to ensure that only one person is casting a given vote and that each person lives where the voting registration says he or she lives
  4. Digital audit log an immutable log for each voter, using something like blockchain
  5. Printed receipt for each voter a paper return that is either mailed to an individual voter or printed out by the voter after their ballot is cast
  6. Backup plan for those without access not everyone is going to have access to a computer on election day, so a backup method is needed.

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